Anavar cycle

I am going to start taking Anavar and know i need to stack something with it. I know Proviron isn’t anything like Test.. Im not much for sticking my self with needles and that is why proviron appeals to me, on the other hand I know with Test my results will be out the roof. My goal is to add about 10 pounds, nothing to big or ridiculous while losing the fat on my body to look more lean and cut with a very defined abdominal area

Height = 6 foot
weight = 182 pounds
Age= 20 ( i want answers to the questions, not a lecture on my age)

plan to cycle with provion is
week 1-12 Himalaya livercare ED
week 2-9 Anavar ED 50mcg
week 4-9 Proviron ED 25mcg
week 10-14 nolvax 40/40/20/20

plan to cylce with Test Prop
week 1-12 Himalaya livercare ED
week 2-9 Anavar ED 50mcg
week 2-9 Test Prop EOD 50 mcg
week 10-14 Nolvax 40/40/20/20

I want to know
– what do you prefer, test prop or proviron?
– from my age, weight and height which one would get me to my goal the safest?( i do not want to go to far over 10 pounds)
– do my cycles seem to be smart and safe?

if you have any suggestions on my cycles such as if i should be adding anything, if i should run my pct sooner or if i should be running a differnt liver protector please comment

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