This is my First Thread I have posted. I really need everyone’s help please. I have been lifting since I was 15 years old – I am now 32. I feel I have hit my max potential and I am no longer getting any bigger no matter how long I work out, changing work out routines etc. This seems the max my body will grow naturally (I have picture in Avatar can post more) I have only used Creatine, Optimum Nutrient’s Whey Protein that has some BCAA’s included and glutamine, I also used to use Ephedrine when it was still legal a long time ago. Now that I am 32 years old and realized this is it for me I am no longer growing just getting small injuries, I have decided to get on gear being the correct age and all. I also got blood test from my Dr. for test levels and it was in the 420 range which I have read is a bit on the low side for my age. Again I just turned 32 in May 2016.  I have done my research well but I have a problem. I have bought 3 kinds of gear so far and I have been ripped off all three times I feel. I don’t know why and I really need anyone’s help please. I am looking for some legit stuff or any help how to spot fakes or where to look, I am from Chicago, please feel free to PM me. I just grabbed some new stuff from a guy I have known for a while. Its supposedly Sustanon 300mg but the way it looks I don’t know if this is real but he guarantee’s it. I can post pictures if needed of all three brands I have gotten so far. 2 were Test Cyp first was 300mg/3000ml bottle from Bionche Labs which I felt was very weak – I feel these did not work at all, I just got a moon face and it actually made me look fat in the face – I ran 200mg every 3 or 4 days for 6 weeks so far.Than the person I got this from no longer had the same lab. I have on hand some nolvadex and arimidex which are both pharma grade as my mom had breast cancer and beat it thank god and I grabbed them because she was going to throw them out. Also I am going to buy N2Guard please any information on that if it works or doesn’t or if there is anything better for PCT I would really appreciate any advice.  The second was another Test Cyp but 200mg from paddock labs but it had flakes floating around in it the next day and I did not touch it or take it. Now I picked up a Sustanon 300MG which the guy told me. He will refund my money if it does not work. Which is Bullshit of course but I have known him for over 12 years, and He is a good guy but I feel the person he is getting it from is ripping him off. I have spent money on BS products I feel and most importantly I just don’t want to put any Bullshit in my body or risk any problems as I have lived a pretty healthy lifestyle aside from smoking cigarettes. I am Middle eastern so it is really in our culture to smoke Hookah & cigarettes (your considered not a real man if you don’t) it’s a bad habit that I am quitting soon hopefully. Please any help I would greatly appreciate. I am sorry for my grammar as I typed this very fast and also I am sorry if I am not in the correct forum as this is my first thread ever. I can post pics of all the gear I have gotten so far. Please any help I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you all so much I have heard nothing but great things about this community. This is why I felt comfortable posting here than anywhere else. I just really want to run my first cycle that I know is 100 percent legit and safe.

Thank you

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