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My info:
30 years old
Lifting for 8 years
6’2 195# when cut up and 225-230 when bulked.
Somewhat Low T last 3 tests over 3 years. Tests range from 310 to 500 mg/dl

So I wanted to get your opinion on the cycle I came up with for myself.  I can get all the substances listed through a licensed professional.

I am currently struggling to figure out PCT. I have read good and bad things about HCG and wanted to get your take as I dont believe you currently have a video on it. Use or dont use?  If not what do I take?

Also from what I have heard in evo videos it sounds like Aromasin is the way to go for an AI but am I suppose to use it both during and throughout PCT?  Seems like Arimadex, Nolvadex, and Clomid are the most popular.

Do I taper testosterone at the end of the cycle or leave it at 500mg throughout?  Seems like a taper would make sense but wanted your thoughts.

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bro what kind of pct you doing? you doing the full “perfect pct”

gearhead Answered on July 5, 2015.
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I was planning on doing HCG with Aromasin but don’t see to many people running that after a testosterone only cycle. I do t want to overdo it as this would be my first cycle. Just want to keep it simple and do the safest cycle.

sheoisll Answered on July 6, 2015.
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HcGenerate and Clomid is all you need as PCT for that cycle bro.

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