First Cycle Ever – best 12 week cycle for mass

Hello I am new to the site and this side of training . I am 6’4  200 lbs  I do not have BF% it is fairly low I have a high metabolism . So ,I am getting ready to order/run  my first 12 week cycle I will list it and see if I can get any advice ?  Also I will be getting bloodwork  done before cycle / mid cycle / post cycle

Weeks 1- 12               Test E 400 mgs wk (200mgs Mon & Thur)
Weeks 1-5                                            DBOL 50 mgs daily
Weeks 1- 12                 Aromasin  10 mgs EOD
Weeks 1-12                   N2Guard   7 caps daily
Weeks 8-12                 HCGenerate ES  2 caps AM / 1 cap PW / 1 cap PM

Considering SARMS  in between weeks 10 – 19  Ostarine(MK) and Cardarine (GW) ??? ( need some advice if I should pro’s and con’s ?)

PCT   weeks 14 – 19
HCGenerate ES
Please remember this is my first cycle and I continue to do extensive research and will continue to do so . I just don’t want to do Test E only on first cycle I am trying to reach my goal of weighing 240 lbs of good muscle not bloated or puffy looking  granted I am currently 6’4 200 lbs with no more than 15% bf probably lower.  I have a really high metabolism Doc told me been like that my whole life . I currently train 4 days wk heavy 4 sets 6-8 reps  x 4 – 5 diff exercises per body part . Please any knowledgable advice or help would be much appreciated . Thanks looking forward to it

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