Does anyone know if HcGenerate will cause false positives on a urine test like some test boosts do? Thank you.

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bro thats hard to say…are you tested for any of the ingredients in hcgenerate? if not you’re fine

gearhead Answered on December 26, 2015.

as far as I know it’s only for illicit drugs thc, methanphetamines, etc….so that being said I should be okay with the hcgenerate right?

on December 27, 2015.
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We are only tested for illicit drugs thc, methemphatamines however you spell that etc….I didn’t know what caused the false positives in other test boosts that’s why I was asking, but by the looks of the ingredients I should be safe for that right?

Fitnesslover Answered on December 27, 2015.
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You are good brother no worries at all!

The Suppleminator Answered on December 30, 2015.
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