Healthy walking

5 reasons to go to the fresh air more often again

Anyone can go for a walk and it keeps us fit and healthy. Just one lap around the block during the lunch break can greatly support our health.

Finally the weather is getting better and the temperatures more pleasant, a good occasion to go out again, to get some fresh air and explore our surroundings by taking a walk. By the way, we also do something good for our body. Here are five good reasons for more walks in everyday life.

1. Build muscle while going for a walk

Hard to believe, but true: Already with a brisk walk muscle mass is built up and tightened. The movement provides the muscles with more oxygen and nutrients, giving them more energy. So we gently train our strength endurance with each walk and can look forward to fitter quickly.

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Especially when barefoot running many muscles are activated, such as tibia muscles, the calf muscles and a part of the thigh muscles and the buttocks muscles. So if you walk on a regular basis, you have good conditions for other sports as well.

2. Strong bones through daily exercise

Regular walks train the joints and make them more and more resilient. For example, arthritis symptoms can be alleviated. Those who go for a walk on sunny days in particular, while exposing themselves to the sun, whose skin is stimulated to produce vitamin D, which promotes the storage of calcium in the bones. So daily walks significantly improve bone density.

3. Exercise ensures good mood and less stress

Already five minutes in the countryside can greatly improve the mood. The longer you stay outside, the better the mood. The environment has a strong influence on the effect: Plenty of green or even water have a more positive effect on us than a brisk city stroll through gray streets and rows of houses.

Also: Regular exercise is known to reduce stress. A walk in nature breaks down stress hormones and we get a clear head again. Spend your lunch break in the countryside on a stressful working day and then you can start again with new energy.

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4. Prevent diseases by taking regular walks

Reduction of the risk of cancer, dementia and diabetes – the list of diseases that can be prevented by regular exercise is long. A walk after eating can not only train the heart and lower the high blood pressure, but also lower the blood sugar level.

It has been shown in people with early stage dementia that walking for only 15 minutes a day causes the brain mass to shrink more slowly and memory loss can also be reduced.

5. Walking prevents food cravings

If you want to do something for the slim line, you should start walking as well. Apart from the movement, which already has a positive effect on our weight, regular walks can reduce cravings for sweets.

In a study by Exeter University, two test groups had to give up chocolate for 46 hours, with one group sitting in front of the desk and the other on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Afterwards, both groups received a bowl of chocolate – the treadmill group ate only half compared to the control group.

Exercise is known to be extremely fit and healthy. Exercise can prevent you from many illnesses and even make existing pain disappear. By the way, you do not need a gym, a home trainer, a bike or any other expensive equipment. Just go for a walk. If you only go for a few hours a week, this simple measure gives you at least nine health benefits. It’s best to leave immediately.

Go for a walk

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. And so it is in terms of movement. Walking is by far the easiest, cheapest and most flexible form of movement imaginable. You do not need special equipment and you do not have to stick to a specific schedule. If you want, you can always go – at five in the morning or at twelve at night. No problem: shoes on and off you go.

Walks from a scientific point of view

You may now think that cycling, rowing, skiing, athletics, or strength training are sure to be far more effective and healthier than just going for a walk. Not necessarily! Meanwhile, there are numerous scientific studies on the “effectiveness of walking” – and the results can be truly be seen:

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I used to walk since I was a child, it’s a part of my daily routine.

douglasutsley Answered on June 12, 2019.
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