How to manage Gyno once you have it?

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well at the moment it’s just breast tissue forming like I’ve im really slack with blocking e I end up with sore nipples a little puffy that end up really irritated, it started as apart of puberty but I think Dbols took it that little bit too far it’s been manageable for atleast another two cycles but I’m afraid if I cut much more bf % you’ll be able to see it a lot easier, any tips on reversal or prevention?

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I have really liked the combination of Letrozone and yohimflame for my chest.  No matter how how weight I drop and how  tight I get my chest never looks like I have gyno.   It keeps it flat and under control.  Just a good diet and letrozone with yohimflame will help get rid of the puffy look.

The Suppleminator Answered on April 25, 2015.
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