MK-2866 for injury recovery.

Hey Evo guys,

So far I’ve been taking MK2866 from unique chemical ( Should have bought Sarms1 i know:(  ).  Dosing at 20 mg for just over a week now and I am not sure if I am experiencing any sides or if its just my mind from reading all these forums.  I have what seems like a puffy nip only in one and even at that not sure if its just my mind fucking me. I play football and was using it to rehab from a torn peck i didn’t have the time to recover from last summer. would be 7 week 20-25 mg. No pct because i don’t want to test positive if selected for a wada test. 1 week off mk2866 is said to be out of the system. Is this stupid to not take a PCT. Should i just stop? Im going away for a week, entering my what would be third week of cycle and am not sure if i can take the product with me to the US from Canada for the week i am away. Any advice or answers are greatly appreciated. Sorry guys if I’m a  noob,  my first time taking anything i did what seemed like good research before hand and had 2 buddies who took it and experienced no negatives from the same sources.

Look forward to an answers guys,
Thanks a ton.
golden1932 Asked on July 15, 2015 in SARMS.
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You can’t get Gyno after only a week on Ostarine bro I think it is just your brain fucking with you.  You can throw in some liquidex ai just to be on the safe side.

It is hard not to get caught with current WADA testing so I would stay clear at least 2 months before you can get tested.

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