Mk-2866 gyno

I am 22 weigh 165 pounds and I want to gain some muscle mass and at the same time get a bit leaner…I have done cycles before with steroids but never done sarms…I am very prone to gyno and have arimidex and nolva ready….I just wanted to know your suggestion as far as dosing goes and how to incorporate arimidex or Nolva into the cycle and how long I should do it for so on an so forth

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bro if you prone to gyno dont do anything hormonal…sarms are perfect for you… try this

week 1-10
ostarine mk 25mgs/ed
cardarine 20mgs/ed
anabolicum 5mgs/ed
hcgenerate ES 3 tablets/ed
n2guard 7caps/ed

gearhead Answered on May 20, 2015.
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