MK677 dosage and side effect

Hello Experts , i am new to this form and would like to know your reviews , I am going to start MK677 , but before starting that i just had my blood test , as i was on 12 week ¬†stanazol cycle ¬†, now it already have been 3 months i am not taking anything , so i was just about to start my 8 week cycle with MK677 , But one thing make me doubt in taking it as it’s methylated compound so it may be liver toxic , My SGOT is 51 and SGPT is 74 , is it dangerous for me to start with MK677 ? Please i need your help here .I am also attaching my report so that you can see other things too , Should I start with MK677 or should wait for months ?

Any suggestion will be greatly Appreciated!!!!


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