Need advice on my first steroid use


In advance, I appreciate Your answers.

I am 30 years old and weight 83kg. I have been playing basketball before, but did not had any serious bodybuilding cycles.
I decided to quit basketball and gain some muscle. I have friends, that got me following  steroids:
– HGH Norditropin
– Test Prop
– Boldenone
– Masteron Enanthate
– Trenbolone

I got all with me. I know, I should not start with all of them. Just researching a lot before I start.

Can anybody help me with advice of which steroids to use and with what quantities to start. For example, I know Trenbolone might not be ideal to start with…

Looking forward for answers!

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For first time cycle I would suggest a test only cycle of test e or test c for 10 weeks. As per dosage 500mg per week split into 2 shot would be moderate . get aromasin or arimidex in case you encounter estrogenic sides and have you PCT planned out before you start . can add the HGH at 2btob4iu per day and running it for a longer period of time would yeild better results .you can other compounds like boldenone or masterone for your next cycle . see how you respond to test alone first . I’m no expert , but this would do for a first cycle . hope this helps

thivelen Answered on January 22, 2016.
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