Test e , deca , equipoise and anavar cycle.

Hello everyone,

I am Sunny Soni from India 34 age old, 15% b.f. i ran a Test e and deca cycle previously. I experience no side effects but acute acne on back and shoulder. Please suggest how to prevent acne here is the cycle now wanna run.
Test e 500mg every week ( 1-20 weeks)
Deca 250 mg every week (1-12 weeks)
equipoise 600mg every week
Anavar from 50 mg every week (week 14-20)

liv.52 DS for liver support

arimidex .25 every other day throughout the cycle,

Caber .25mg every week

Will maintain proper diet, just want to know your opinion on this cycle and if any change you would recommend. Please reply and please suggest how to prevent Acne as well.

For pct I will run

Clomid and nolvadex.

Thanks in advance. Love from India

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Geoff_Brown Answered on January 2, 2018.
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