Testosterone questions

How can I get legit Testosterone? Do I get this from the DR.?

Also which would you prefer, Test E or Test Prop. Im 5”11, 205 lbs, 20 % body fat, almost 40% muscle.

Last question, Testosterone should come on average in 200 Milligrams a CC right?

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bro you can get testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) from the doctor sure…test can come in 200mgs/ml or 250mgs/ml or even 400mgs with T400…depends on what brand you get…

gearhead Answered on May 11, 2015.
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Legit testosterone is fairly easy to buy it is the only thing DRs prescribe for HRT and it is easily found on the black market as it is one of the most popular and abundant Steroids in existence.   For most guys I recommend using Testosterone Enanthate since it has a longer half-life than Propionate it does not require injections every couple of days like Propionate.  With Testosterone enanthate you can dose a single injection per week.

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