Tren and test help and PCT education

Good day all I have a question regarding a correct or ‘best way’ to get maximum benefit out of my test and tren cycle.
I’m 29
77kg with a very active gym and athletic program totally 5 gym sessions a week with 3/4 track sessions. Each lasting around 1.5 to 2hours each.
I hope to start my cycle in 2 weeks. What is recommended for
Time of day to inject
Amount to take per injection and finally a solid PCT to ensure I remain injury free and keep gains as well as keeping good health.
I know I have ranted but any info is good for me at the moment. Cheers

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What is recommended for Time of day to inject..

A. That depends on your schedule. Most say 1 day AM and 1 day PM. Thats if your doing 2 times a week.

solid PCT – You can look for Dylan Gemelli youtube vidoe on Post Cycle Therapy explained. Very educational video.

crazy3kgt Answered on January 20, 2017.
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