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Summer Abs and Low Bodyfat HOW with Pharmacom?


Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 episode #13 comes your way, with Steve and Mobster showing you their best strategies for gaining summer abs and lowering body fat, using Pharmacom products. If you have ever dreamed of being one of those people walking down the beach with no shirt, and everybody checking you out, then this is the podcast for you. The guys will go over their best strategies and give you steroid ideas to help you get there easier.

Why you should use Pharmacom

Mobster starts this segment by stating that Pharmacom is an approved source, which means it's been checked out and tested by nonbiased steroid users anonymously.  Not just when it comes to their customer service and shipping, but also when it comes to the quality of the products.  You can also go to the Pharmacom products website and they are very transparent as far as seeing their lab and how their products are made, certificates of analysis, and pictures showing all of that. They also have a way to double-check the code on your products to reassure yourself that you are getting the true steroids you are ordering.  The guys say it is unheard of for a source or brand to provide all of this and most are too lazy to even double-check their products properly.  To top it all off Pharmacom is not a re-seller, so that saves you from dealing with a middleman and passes the savings onto you.

Fat-burning nonsteroid options Pharmacom

Pharmacom has a lot of anabolic steroid choices, however, they have a lot of nonsteroid fat burner options too, which you can run solo or add to your existing steroid cycle.  Mobster points out they have clenbuterol, which has historically been used by both bodybuilders and celebrities, to help burn body fat. They also sell thyroid drugs which are important in bodybuilding to help a person speed up their metabolism and turbocharge fat loss.

Diet and training tips for fast abs

Steve starts this topic by saying that if you want to be an alpha, you have to be confident in how you look.  If you are reading this you care very much about how your body, and being able to show off abs 365 days out of the year, which will give you the confidence to be a true alpha.

Fasted cardio:  This is a universally accepted strategy to lose body fat because it forces your body to tap into fat reserves for energy while training.  If you eat a big breakfast and then go to cardio or workout, your body is going to tap into the food and leave your body fat alone.  This is why many people spin their wheels when it comes to fat loss.  So it is important to train your body to train fasted, and once it figures out it needs to go after those fat stores, then you will drop fat like crazy.  Steve also recommends fasting for half the day post-cardio to let the fat loss run longer.   Your body will always attack fat before muscle, that is how our bodies work.

A natural whole food diet:  Stay away from fake and processed food.  This includes sugar, refined oils, refined flour, and anything else that comes in a box.  The base of your diet should be fruits, vegetables, and healthy carbs like rice, raw oats, and sweet potatoes.  Protein options should be things like organs and bone broth.  Healthy fats from humane-friendly pastured eggs, raw nuts, and fatty fish are excellent too for staying lean.

mild oral steroids

Mobster starts the segment off with his favorite oral steroid of all and that is Anavar.  The problem with this steroid is that it is frequently faked. Luckily, Pharmacom has the real stuff.  He likes a dosage of 25-50mgs a day, and he says that the nice thing about this steroid is it will help you grow lean muscle mass and burn fat at the same time.

Turinabol is the next steroid, it is similar to Anavar but a bit weaker.  However, as Steve points out it is very good for those who are very active and like to do a lot of cardio because it won't interfere with that as other steroids will.  A good dose of Tbol is around 30-50mgs a day.

Stronger injectables

Steve starts this segment off with Testosterone.  He cautions that some of you will not react well to cutting with this steroid, while others have excellent results.  He attributes this to those who have naturally low Testosterone levels, which can affect fat loss and muscle gains negatively. By adding in something as simple as Testosterone, it can make good things happen.  The nice thing about Pharmacom is there are a lot of Testosterone options, from short esters to longer, to blends, so they have you covered no matter what.

The next injectable that is strong is Trenbolone. This is an amazing steroid and is considered to be king of all of them because of its potency.  Steve says that he has seen people, even with poor diets who don't know how to train correctly, transform their physiques on this steroid. A dosage of 150mgs to 500mgs is all you need solo or stacked and Pharmacom has you covered with short esters, long esters, and blends.

Hardener steroids

Masteron is the king of all steroids when it comes to hardening up muscles. If you have low body fat and want to pop out those abs then Masteron is too good to pass up.  The secret is that it is a pure DHT derivative, so it cannot aromatize into estrogen at all.  Any excess water retention you might have will get sucked out of the muscle.  Pharmacom has a great Masteron, with both Enanthate or Propionate form and you should run 250-500mgs or more per week.

The next steroid in this class is Winstrol, which is a great hardener and dryer too.  Many physique competitors will use this steroid especially going into a show, because it will greatly improve vascularity in the muscles, and harden them up like nothing else to the point where your joints creak. The recommended dosage of this steroid is 25-50mgs and you should stack it with another steroid for best results.

Mild injectables

Steve finishes out the show by talking about two of the mildest injectable steroids you can use.

Real Primobolan is very hard to find, but Pharmacom does sell the actual stuff.  If you want to run a mild steroid cycle that won't cause side effects you will not go wrong with this steroid. A dosage of up to 700mgs a week is solid.

Finally, for those who like to stay active, Equipoise is a great option. Pharmacom has 300mgs/ml and 500mgs/ml options.  If you choose either you can run them 1CC per week and cut down on the injections you need.  Steve says he loves Equipoise cause he likes to stay active, and he will stack it with Turinabol for a great cardio effect.


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