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Summer Arnold Arms and Abs with Geneza Pharma


Welcome to another episode of Evolutionary Underground #22, Summer Arnold Arms and Abs with Geneza Pharma.  Steve and Mobster bring you another fun podcast episode!

In this one, the guys talk about the history of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and why he was considered one of the best bodybuilders of all time thanks to his amazing arms and tight waist.  They also are going to go over their favorite Geneza Pharma products that Arnold would have loved using today so you can mimic his success.

Arnold's story

Steve starts out talking about how Arnold revolutionized bodybuilding during the 1970s and made it popular.  He won Mr. Olympia year after year (1970-1975), then took a break and came back and won it once more in 1980 under controversy.   Even though a lot of people felt like he didn't deserve to win it in 1980, it didn't matter, because without him the entire sport of bodybuilding would have not been important.  He also became a movie star, governor of the 4th largest economy in the world (California), and a role model to many.

Mobster then talks about Arnold's body.  He says Arnold had the most incredible arms, but just good abs. However, his waist was incredible because he was excellent with vacuuming and also not over-training his obliques.  He also had an incredible pose, which showed off the breath of his shoulders while showing off his tight 4-pack.

Steve then points out that bodybuilding and weight training is a brotherhood/sisterhood and Arnold always tried to befriend others even if they did not like him.  Another interesting thing about Arnold is he has admitted to using anabolic steroids, which isn't something other pros of that era are willing to admit.

Why Geneza Pharma is the choice today

A lot of people who are Arnold wannabees are choosing Geneza Pharma to help them reach their bodybuilding goals.  Back in the 70s, anabolic steroids were legal but access many options wasn't there.  If they weren't being produced by a big pharma company and you didn't know the right doctor or guy at the gym who was selling them, then you were out of luck.  Today, it is much easier to access any anabolic steroid you want thanks to Geneza Pharma, where you can simply order online and have it delivered to you.

The nice thing about Geneza Pharma is they have legitimate and pharma quality gear, at an affordable price, where even a 'normal working joe' who just likes to lift weights can afford to use them.  Geneza also has many pro bodybuilders who depend on their products to help them win competitions.


Arnold's favorite steroids

One of Arnold's favorites of his time was Deca Durabolin and Geneza Pharma sells a really good one called GP Deca300, which is 300mgs/ml.  This is nice because you don't have to inject it often, nor do you have to inject it in high volume.  They loved Deca in the '70s because it was mild, effective, and it didn't aromatize as much as straight Testosterone. This allowed them to run a high dosage of it, without developing estrogen-related side effects, since they didn't have access to anti-estrogen drugs at that time.  They would run it from 200-600mgs a week.

Another steroid loved in the '70s was Dianabol.  GP has a great dbol option that comes in 50mgs/pill which you can cut up into smaller pieces.  Anywhere from 5-30mgs per day would be a good option.  Their favorite part of using dbol was the amazing 'dbol pumps' that you will get when you work your biceps at high volume.

Mobster then discusses NPP, which is nandrolone phenylpropionate.  GP has a really good NPP option and it allows you to keep the cycle shorter and have it kick in faster.  Another good reason is the flexibility of being able to drop the steroid ahead of a photo shoot or competition.  Mobster recommends you follow the same dosing as Deca.

Another one bodybuilders loved in those days as well as today is Proviron. GP Proviron comes in oral form and it is great to stack with any of the other steroids above.  You can run anywhere from 25-50mgs a day and it especially stacks great with NPP or Deca.

Finally, Arnold's favorite steroid of all has to be Primobolan.  In the 70's you could find real Primo with no problem via a doctor, but over the past 30 years real Primo has been very hard to find.  So guys have had to shy away from using it. GP Prima100 is sold by Geneza Pharma and it is very legitimate.  A recommended dosage is anywhere from 300-800mgs a week, and Arnold was known to use a large dosage of it during competition season.  It is great for lean muscle mass and does not aromatize into estrogen at all so it will help show off those abs.

Overall, in those days, cycles lasted anywhere from 6-12 weeks. It was rare to exceed that because guys knew they had to recover and not stress their bodies out too much.  They also took time off from weight training and supplementation when needed, it was far from the excesses we see today across the board.

Getting that tight waist

During the 70s it was unusual to find overweight people, today it is very common.  What changed?

Steve says that he blames food companies and marketing for this change.  Also, he blames parenting where parents use food as a reward and raise their kids to view food differently than they should.

Today, we have access to as much food as we want, when we want, and how we want.  This results in our bodies storing excess fat, especially around the waist.

You must train your body to not store fat and change your outlook on food if you are going to change your physique. Until you do this, then it is pointless to work your abs the way Arnold used to.

In Arnold's day, you ate 2-3 meals a day. There was no snacking, no processed junk, no sugars, no refined oils, and no refined flours eaten.  Also, a lot of his diet was fruits and vegetables, he did not eat as much meat or dairy as people have been led to believe.  It is important to treat food as fuel for the body and not as a treat that makes us happy.


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