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Summer Cutting cycles with Euro pharma

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summer cutting cycles

Welcome to the brand new Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0. In this #1 episode, Steve Smith and Da Mobster bring you some hard-hitting action on their favorite Euro Pharmacies brand summertime cutting cycle. The 3 compounds that they are going to talk about are what make this stack so fantastic, and such an effective cutting stack, for getting that beach body you want to show off. You are going to love this episode!

Why Trenbolone Acetate

Steve starts the show talking about Trenbolone Acetate. He says that Tren is the king of all steroids and if you want to look your very best and change your physique quickly then it's going to be your go-to steroid. Even guys who don't eat clean can sometimes shred down using Trenbolone, that is how potent of a steroid it is.

Steve says Euro Pharmacies Trenbolone is the cleanest Tren he has ever tried. You have less of a chance of getting the dreaded Tren Cough and it's a quality product.

The difference between using the Acetate ester vs. longer esters of Tren is that you gain the flexibility of getting it in your system quicker and out of your system faster too. Steve says it is most optimal to pin it daily or EOD (every other day).

Tren is good at what it does because it alters your metabolic rate, it's extremely anabolic, and it's very androgenic too. You don't even need another steroid with it to get an incredible physique, it is that strong.

Mobster recommends you gain experience using steroids before using Tren because it isn't a beginner steroid. Once you do decide to use it, it will 'make things happen'.

Why Masteron Propionate

Steve mentions that Masteron is widely available in both Propionate and Enanthate form, however, Steve says due to the greater flexibility in starting and stopping it he likes Propionate because things happen in life.

Mobster then brings up the point of how you should time using Masteron because it is a phenomenal cutter and hardener. Steve says due to the short esters you can get a nice change even 5-6 weeks ahead of vacation, so you look great while you are on the island beach.

Masteron (Drostanolone) is a unique anabolic steroid because of the way it is derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It is altered by the addition of a methyl group at the carbon 2 position. This structural change is what makes masteron anabolic, and what makes it function the way it does. Read more...

The guys both agree about how amazing Masteron is for pure hardening, due to its structure of being a DHT derivative steroid (dihydrotestosterone). However, they say that they highly recommend you be no more than 13% body fat to truly get the best results from Masteron, because you cannot harden up fat that is covering up your muscles.

Why Testosterone Propionate

Steve mentions that Testosterone has many different esters that you will find from Euro Pharmacies. There are options like Sustanon, Omnadren, Enanthate, Cypionate, Suspension, etc. However, we are going to go with Testosterone Propionate in this cycle because this gives us the ability to start or stop the steroid and have it in and out of our system fast.

The building block of all steroids, testosterone is a naturally-produced hormone in the body. It is secreted by the testes and is responsible for the balanced growth and maintenance of primary and secondary sexual characteristics in males - deepening of the voice, broadness of shoulders and narrowing of the pelvis, rapid hair growth (especially on the face, legs and pubis), and the production of semen for sexual reproduction. Read more...

Mobster cautions that he has been using steroids for many years and has been stuck with fake testosterone many times, so you must get a high-quality brand like EP Euro Pharmacies so you know you are getting a properly dosed product.

Dosing the cycle

Steve recommends you run the cycle like this:

Trenbolone Acetate 200-400mgs per week total pinned EOD

Masteron Propionate 400-500mgs per week total pinned EOD

Testosterone Propionate 100-200mgs per week total pinned EOD

However, he also says because you are using shorter esters you can up or lower your dosages if you so choose as you go along. Mobster says that more experienced users will use double the dosages listed above, however, those are people who are professionals and bodybuilding at a high level.

Training tips

By best utilizing high-quality Euro Pharmacies steroids you must break the muscle down and train the muscles to grow tissue. Steve talks about one of his best cutting workouts which includes drop sets because of the incredible burn and pump you get where you are destroying the muscle. Your muscles are going to be hard and you won't be able to drive home on arms day or walk after leg day. Drop sets are simple to understand, they are where you drop the amount of weight you are doing and increase the number of repetitions towards the end of your workout to wear down that muscle to death. Also, he says taking 30-45 seconds in between sets keeps your heart rate up and allows you to burn more calories.


Mobster chimes in that there is no magic bean to working out. You simply have to grind at the gym and put in the hours to get the best results. He also says the top-end shredded bodybuilders he trains with are always doing cardio at a minimum of 2 miles per day at a strong pace. Mobster then talks about how you must be consistent with your training, and how missing a workout is missing an opportunity.

The guys finish off their training tips with learning how to do stomach vacuuming which will help with your posture so your gut can be tucked in and you can show off your abs.

Diet tips


Steve says that any cycle that includes Trenbolone means that your body will be primed for nutrition partitioning since Tren is such a good partitioner of nutrients into the muscle. Due to this, Steve cautions people who want to practice fasting or time-restricted eating while on a Tren cycle, because you may need to spread out your carbs more during the day instead of having them all in a short window. So a 16/8 strategy or 12/12 might be better for you than trying only a 4-hour window.

Trenbolone, the most famous steroid for amazing gains, meets Equipoise, the most misunderstood steroid. In this article, we'll be going over the facts on how and why you need to stack Tren and EQ; in addition, we'll cover the fine points of bulking vs. cutting cycles. Read more...

When it comes to carbs he says you must stick to high-quality 'good carbs' such as fruit, brown rice, and sweet potato. He also says that people who have their diets on point with Tren will experience fewer side effects and have more energy on cycle so make sure you are eating clean.

Side effects

The guys finish the show by talking about the side effects and how to help with the symptoms.

Taurine works well if you are dealing with cramps or pumps that are too much to handle.

Cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and insomnia can also be an issue on this cycle. It is important to get into great shape before starting this cycle for this reason, but also make sure you are taking your support supplements. Finally, insomnia may happen here, especially during the hot days of summer when you are waking up at night sweating. To help with this, Steve says he has done a better job of eating carbs near bedtime and also getting a good DC fan and pointing it on his body at night to keep him cool.


Forums on our forums? read on:

Creatine is pretty much all excreted out via the kidneys and Trenbolone is the only steroid known to affect the kidneys and just cause overall adrenal impairment while it is being used. Read more...

Masteron is REALLY hard on your hair line. I wouldn't run it 20 weeks. Read more...

Test prop has a half life of 2 days. That is still a fairly long half life. Injecting is a couple hours before your workout vs other times of the day is really going to have no difference in gym performance or strength at the end of the day. Read more..

Sustanon + winstrol would be a good cutting stack. If you are not looking to get on a bodybuilding stage, I would use anavar instead of winstrol. Read more..

The only difference is the esters. The carrier oil if you will. Test E is a longer ester and will take about 4/5 weeks to notice a difference, while usually people pin this ester twice a week. Read more..


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