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Summer Oral Cutting cycles with Euro pharma

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In this episode of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 #2, Steve Smith (Stevesmi) and Da Mobster bring you their summer oral cutting cycles compliments of Euro Pharmacies. This is a great podcast for those of you who like to run oral anabolic steroids, due to living with other family members where they don't want needles in the house, or you simply like the flexibility of using orals.


Mobster starts the show off by saying that it is no secret that his favorite steroid of all is Anavar, and he just started a new cycle using Euro Pharmacies. He views Anavar as a perfect fit for him both when it comes to strength, and gaining lean mass, because you won't gain weight on it.

He likes using 50mgs a day, but he trains with some guys who have run it up to 100mgs.

As far as stacking, he says that Proviron and Turinabol stack well with it. For straight cutting, he would stack the Anavar and Turinabol at low dosages, and make sure his diet and training are on point. Another one he likes is stacking it with 50mgs of Winstrol, this will help dry you out. Read More........

Steve says that Anavar is the most faked oral steroid out there because it is so expensive. So he warns that buying it from a non-trusted brand will waste your time and your money. He recommends using a legitimate brand like Euro Pharmacies EP. Mobster confirms he has used their Anavar many times and it is 100% legit.


Steve says that Winstrol can be very polarizing because some will love using it while others will hate it. It does not aromatize into estrogen at all, because it is a DHT derivative, and will dry you out more than any other steroid out there. Even if you aren't prone to dry joints, when you use Winstrol you likely will feel joint issues when on it. So Steve cautions to make sure you don't have existing joint problems and you always use joint support when using it.

Another main complaint with Winstrol is the head hair loss that Steve has experienced, even though he says he isn't prone to it either. Also, another side effect you could experience is headaches due to high blood pressure which can be made worse by dehydration. Read More......

The people who love Winstrol will say nothing dries them out and cuts them sharply as it can. Steve cautions to not use Winstrol with harsh steroids like Trenbolone unless you are willing to feel the major side effects. You can use it solo, anywhere between 25-50mgs as a moderate dose, while some others may run it closer to 100mgs per day.

Also, Winstrol is available in tablet and liquid forms, and you have the option to inject it or drink it which will not alter the effects.


Mobster and Steve both have tried Halotestin a couple of times but did not react well to it. This is odd because on paper it is extremely androgenic and powerful. However, others have said that it makes them extremely aggressive, rapidly will increase strength, and is a great cutter.

Steve recommends starting with a dose of 10mgs a day and increasing it to 20mgs to get the desired results. One thing for sure though, you shouldn't gain any sort of water weight on Halo, this is what makes it a great cutting steroid for the summer.

Once again, the guys caution you to be aware of how harsh and potent this steroid is, so it is not recommended you stack it with other harsh steroids. Steve recommends you use it solo for your first time to see what kind of side effects you notice on it.

Halo is a perfect example of a steroid that is polarizing with some saying it doesn't do much for them, while others have said it contributed to them ending up in prison due to the aggression.

Turinabol Tbol

Steve says that Tbol is his favorite oral steroid out of all of them and the #1 reason why is because it is cheap and effective for what his goals are. Tbol came out of East Germany in the 1960s solely to be used by their Olympic athletes to give them an edge over their competition. It does a great job of binding to SHBG, which will make the other steroids in your stack more effective.

Tbol is best known for increasing lean muscle mass, hardening, and zero water retention. However, the main advantage Steve likes here is that it has low side effects so it won't mess with your appetite or cardio like other steroids can. Due to this, you are welcome to do a lot of fasting while on it because it won't increase insulin resistance as other steroids will. Read More.......

Steve recommends 30-50mgs a day as the sweet spot for 6 weeks. Some guys may choose to go a little higher, especially when running it solo.

You can stack it with just about anything out there. If you want to cut down nicely stacking in some Equipoise or even Trenbolone isn't a bad option.


Superdrol is a weird steroid because it was sold for many years as a designer steroid/prohormone clone so it was widely available over the counter online and sold by many legitimate supplement companies. Many people do not understand that not only was it an actual anabolic steroid, but that it also came with some serious side effects.

The guys discuss the side effects they felt while on it which included lethargy, high blood pressure, insomnia, high blood pressure, and aggression.

Negative effects aside, Superdrol is an incredible steroid and you can get very fast results on it after just 2 or 3 weeks at a small dosage of 20mgs a day. The max dosing they recommend is 30-40mgs a day for 4 weeks maximum. You will gain a lot of strength, lean muscle mass, and harden up on this steroid.

Steve recommends using it solo due to its toxicity.


The last but not least compound they talk about is Proviron. The nice thing about Proviron is that it is not liver toxic, and can help with things like depression, mood, erections, libido, etc. Some guys can even run it during PCT or between cycles, having reported no suppression on it, as proven by bloodwork.

Steve says although you can run Proviron solo, that isn't the way it is used in bodybuilding. Steve views it as a great oral to stack in any cycle because it binds very well to SBHG, making your entire cycle work better.

Proviron's benefits with cutting are that it is a great hardener and will add zero water retention to your body. The guys recommend using 25-50mgs per day and you are free to use it for an entire cycle since it isn't liver toxic.


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