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Summer Oral Cycles with Para Pharma

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Welcome to Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 Episode 19. In this podcast, Steve and Mobster go over Para Pharma summer oral cycles.

Why Para Pharma

Para Pharma is one of the best brands in the world and their products are tested with independent lab analysis.  They sell pharma-quality gear at an affordable price. Para Pharma has an impressive list of oral steroids and other ancillaries you can use on or off cycle. There is no better time to run a cycle than the summer when the beaches are buzzing and you are searching for a summer fling to enjoy. In this episode, the guys go through the list of oral steroids from Para Pharma, and talk about their favorites, and how to use them.

Para Pharma Oral options

Steve starts with Anadrol50, which comes in a packet of 100.  You can run this for 4 weeks and it can completely transform your physique while also getting harder.  It is also a very cheap steroid to use.

Next is Accutane which is an acne drug. This can come in handy with those who are prone to acne flare-ups on or off cycle.

The guys love Anavar, and Para Pharma has 2 great options. The first is Anavar 10mgs per tab, and the other is Anavar 50mgs per tab.  Females can choose the 10mg option and use it 5-10mgs per day, while men can opt for the 50mgs option and use 25-50mgs per day. Anavar is great for fat loss, hardness, and vascularity.

Para Pharma also has ancillaries for estrogen. The guys touch on Aromasin and Arimidex which can be used on cycle.  Mobster recommends you keep estrogen balanced on cycle, not too high and not too low either. Then after cycle you can use Clomid and Nolvadex for post-cycle therapy.  Steve is a believer in using these SERMs at a mild dose as they are more powerful than people realize.

Para Pharma also sells fat loss drugs Clenbuterol and T3. Clen should be used at 40mcg to start then gradually increased by 20mcgs to your desired dosage of up to 120mcgs per day.  Steve recommends you use T3 at 50mgs a day minimum to get the benefits of fat loss and he cautions to never abuse either drug.

When it comes to erections, pumps, and vascularity many bodybuilders turn to Viagra and Cialis. Para Pharma has great options to cover you with that as well.  Viagra has a shorter half-life so you want to dose it around 1-2 hours prior, while Cialis can be dosed 12-24 hours prior or more.

Dianabol20 is Mobsters' favorite oral steroid, it can be used during the summer if you want a fuller and bigger look. It also is great for appetite and mood.  You can use a dose of 20-40 mg a day. Steve likes dbol because it is a dummy-proof steroid that anyone can get results with, and also because it is very cheap.

The next oral steroid the guys love is Para Pharma Proviron25, which does not do much on its own, but when stacked will increase hardness and libido in most people. Steve says it also is great for binding to SHBG, which helps your entire cycle work better.

Superdrol10 is a very harsh oral steroid that is very toxic. Steve cautions you should only use it for 3-4 weeks maximum and never exceed 30mgs a day. It is great for hardness and dry size.

Turinabol20 is another one of the guy's favorites. It is cheap and great for those who like to stay active. Steve says it is a true performance enhancer for active people.

Finally, the guys discuss Winstrol which Mobster loves for drying out physiques.  A great dosage of it is 25-50mgs a day. It also stacks well with other oral steroids and can give you a lot of dry mass.

Favorite Para Pharma oral stacks

Some of Para Pharma's orals are best-used solo, however, Steve and Mobster go over some of their favorite orals that they like to stack for the summer.

The first one that Steve loves is using Dianabol with Anavar.  This is a classic yin and yang oral stack that combines a more wet steroid with a dry one. He likes doing 25mgs of each per day for 4-6 weeks.  Another one Steve loves is Turinabol and Dianabol. The #1 reason he loves this stack is that it is cheap and Steve jokes how poor he is. This stack will cost you less than the cost of having your car detailed and you can achieve a nice physique in just 4 weeks on it.  He says you can run 20mgs of each per day.

Mobster loves stacking Proviron with Dianabol as a bulk/hardener and also says that Proviron can stack well with Winstrol too if you want to dry out and harden.  The vascularity doing Proviron 25mgs a day with Winstrol 25-50mgs a day is ridiculous, just make sure your body fat is low enough so you can see it.

Final tips

Steve says don't believe the bro science that claim fasted cardio burns muscle, because it doesn't.  Your body will always attack fat stores first before it needs to go after muscle, so as long as you are not 2% body fat you have nothing to worry about.  Daily or EOD fasted cardio is the best way to shed unwanted bad mass.  He warns it may be uncomfortable at first, but allow your body to adjust in a couple of weeks and you will never want to do cardio any other way.

Mobster says you should eat your fruits and vegetables during the summer because that is when many are harvested and it's the natural thing to do. They are full of water, minerals, and vitamins your body needs during the hotter months. Watermelon is one of the best for this because it will help cleanse out your kidneys, and is a natural diuretic to release water retention to lean you up.


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