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Sustanon Dianabol Bulking – Geneza Pharma


Evolutionary Underground episode 18 is presented by the hosts Steve and Da Mobster, who are going to go over the best way to bulk, using Sustanon and Dianabol by Geneza Pharma.  This is the stack for those who want to quickly transform their body by bulking up 15-20 pounds and getting super strong in a short amount of time.  The guys go over all the benefits you can expect on this stack and also show you how to avoid the side effects.

Bulking 101

Steve starts the show off by explaining that he grew up that skinny and fast kid. He would get picked first to play sports like soccer that involved running, but get picked last for sports like football that required mass. This insecurity led Steve to want to get bigger as he got into his 20s and use steroids to aid him in his goal of no longer being known as a skinny runt.  He was able to use this cycle himself to put on a lot of sizes quickly.  He says over the course of a year he put on 30 pounds running this cycle twice.  This allowed him to be one of the strongest and biggest guys in his gym and intimidate others, which is what bulking is all about.

Mobster then gives his opinion on what he views as bulking.  He was 6'3'' and 175 pounds when he was in his late teens and had very skinny arms and legs.  Today, Mobster weighs 144 pounds more, thanks to utilizing this sort of bulking stack and is one of the strongest men in the world with gripping.  He feels as though there is a difference between a dirty bulk and a lean bulk.  The main difference is monitoring what you are eating where you are controlling what you put into your body, this helps you put on more keepable mass.

The guys finish off this segment by talking about how this stack is so effective for increasing appetite, which will help you eat more.

Why Geneza Pharma is so awesome

Geneza Pharma is one of the top brands in the world.  Steve talks about why it is so important to use steroids from a legitimate brand like Geneza. Many of you will run steroids from random sources/brands and end up getting inferior results. After all, the steroids are underdosed.  Also, things like allergic reactions, swelling, lumps, and heavy metal poisoning are all risks when you use poor-quality gear.

Geneza Pharma has quality standards that are on the level or higher of pharmacy-grade gear you would get from a drugstore.  Other brands have no standards or regulations, and they are made in some guy's bathtub in a trailer out in the middle of nowhere.  Hence, it is important to use Geneza Pharma if you want to get the most out of your cycle.

Mobster chimes in and says reputation is everything in this industry.  Does the brand have an actual lab where they make the gear? Are they registered? Are they regulated with certificates of analysis?  Are they made by scientists and doctors?  You must pick a source like Geneza that covers all of this.


Sustanon GP

Typical Sustanon comes in 250mgs/ml and is a blend of 4 Testosterone esters that mimic Omnadren.

Geneza Pharma has an interesting injectable Sustanon 270mgs/ml blend of 5 different testosterone esters.

The GP Sustanon contains the same 4 esters as regular Sustanon which are:

30 mg Testosterone propionate

60 mg Testosterone phenylpropionate

60 mg Testosterone isocaproate

100 mg Testosterone decanoate

In addition, it contains another 20mgs of Testosterone Acetate which is a short ester. This allows the hormones to peak faster in the body since it contains a total of 50mgs of short esters.  The advantage of this is that it will allow you to run it for 10 or 12 weeks and get more out of it vs. having to run it longer.  This makes the cycle more flexible!

Sustanon is great for bulking because it will increase protein synthesis, help recovery, flood the muscle with water and nutrients, and increase appetite.  Some other benefits are a libido boost, strength improvements, and mood-boosting.


Dianabol GP

Geneza Pharma has Dianabol options in oral form in 10mgs and 50mgs.  Mobster says the first time he ran it at 30mgs he had great results, so he likes the 10mg option so he can split the pills up throughout the day.  The 50mg option is still fine to use since you can always use a pill cutter or you can take the entire 50mgs at once.

Dianabol does everything Sustanon does, but it does it even faster since it has such a short half-life. You can gain many pounds after 1 or 2 weeks since it is a dummy-proof steroid.  In other words, it is unheard of that someone runs Dianabol and doesn't make tremendous gains quickly and easily.

Dianabol also does an amazing job of boosting your appetite and mood. You will be motivated to eat and train every day and the gains will be an added motivational factor.

How to stack

Steve talks about the stack he did and outlines it:

500mgs of Sustanon per week 12 weeks

30mgs of Dianabol per day (split doses) for 5 weeks

It is also important to control estrogen, so he recommends using either Aromasin or Arimidex with them, which are both aromatase inhibitors that work well.

Mobster likes running them similarly, except he shortens the Sustanon down to 8-10 weeks only and increases the Dianabol to 6 weeks.


Side effects

Water retention is going to be a major risk in this cycle since both steroids heavily convert to estrogen in the body.  If you fail to run an AI or do not run them correctly you can open yourself to a lot of estrogenic side effects like water retention, gynecomastia, high blood pressure, insomnia, and fatigue.

This cycle also is androgenic, so you can expect a strain on your heart.

Dianabol is also liver toxic, so you should be using on-cycle support supplements.

The guys finish off the cycle by reminding everyone these are serious and powerful male hormones you are using and you should respect them.  If you run them the correct way you can expect tremendous bulking results!


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