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Tbol only vs Dbol Only with Para Pharma

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Welcome to another episode of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0. In this episode #36, Steve and Mobster go over Tbol only vs. Dbol only with Para Pharma.  In this episode, they talk about the histories of these oral steroids, what they are best used for, how to cycle them, and how to train/diet on them.  If you have never tried these steroids, or if you have wanted to use them again, then this is the episode for you to pay close attention to.

Why Para Pharma

Mobster starts this segment by saying Para Pharma has been around for at least 12-13 years.  They have a long track record of providing quality gear to the bodybuilding community and they have a very strong customer base.  You do not build strong relations with customers like this unless you provide excellent quality gear to them.

Para Pharma has certificates of analysis and they have had their products anonymously tested to prove they are good to go.  This is why everyone, from gym rats up to professional bodybuilders, love their products and continue to use them.

Dbol history and side effects

Dbol became popular with American bodybuilders during the early stages of the golden age (60's and 70's).  Dr. Ziegler came up with the idea to provide it to USA Olympic athletes to help level the playing field vs. the Russians who were already doping their athletes.  This was a huge deal in those days because it was another competition to try to beat their rivals, there was also a space race going on and a cold war.   During the 70's, pro bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger loved using Dbol to get explosive pumps during his workouts and get size.  They were known during this era to use a 'handful of dbol' a day.

Dbol was produced as a Testosterone derivative, from Test suspension. You could call it oral testosterone except for a double carbon bone addition and also for its 17 alpha-alkylated structure.  This addition allows it to go through the liver and body without being destroyed. Steve says that Andriol was also designed to be oral testosterone, but it is extremely weak and not even worth using, because it gets destroyed since they never made it 17AA.

Dbol side effects are lots of water retention which can cause a domino effect of problems.  Bloat, gyno, high blood pressure, and insomnia can be a problem.  This is why using an AI with it is a good idea.

Dbol also comes with androgenic side effects which can lead to a person becoming more aggressive, however, overall most people will feel in a good mood on Dbol.  Other androgenic side effects include heart strain.  You also need to be aware of suppression and kidney effects which are found in all steroids.

Another side effect Dbol has is crippling pumps which can be beneficial but also can become an annoyance.


Tbol history

Mobster is a huge history buff and says that Tbol was produced by Jenapharm during the 1960s in East Germany.  The reason it was produced was purely for Olympic success with both the female and male athletes.  The East Germans used Tbol from the 60's till the end of the Cold War.  The doping program was called STASI14.25.  Today, Tbol is produced by underground labs and is still popular amongst gym rats to professional bodybuilders.  In males, it is considered a weaker steroid but in some ways that is considered an advantage in those looking for specific performance enhancement.  Steve says he loves to use Tbol since it has low side effects and helps him with his athletic goals.

Mobster says that on paper Tbol has a 0 androgenic rating and 53 anabolic rating, making it extremely mild.  This is amazing considering it is very similar in structure to Dbol except for an added 4chloro alteration.   Do not let this fool you though, these steroids are nothing alike and in reality, are considered opposites.

Steve says that Tbol side effects are very low. It does not come with very many androgenic side effects and has zero estrogenic properties at all.  It also does not cause crippling pumps or other annoying side effects. The only things you need to be aware of here are liver strain and suppression.


Wet vs. Dry

Mobster says that Dbol and Tbol, are like Jekyll and Hyde, in terms of them being opposites.

Dbol is very wet.  Although it is supposed to aromatize less than testosterone, the reality is that because it is so fast-acting you can bloat up very quickly after a few days on it.  Tbol on the other hand is as dry as it gets.  It won't dry you out like Winstrol will, and it won't harden you up like Masteron will either. However, it cannot aromatize into estrogen at all so any gains you get will be dry gains only.  This is important to understand considering our muscles are mostly made up of water.

Steve says that when you use Dbol expect to add globs of water weight and body weight quickly. When you use Tbol don't expect to add much body weight and don't expect to blow up in size.

Both steroids are great for building muscle mass, binding to SHBG, and increasing free testosterone, and strength.  However, they simply work differently at accomplishing that, and you can tell the difference when you look at different people using steroids.

How to dose them solo

The guys pretty much agree on how to use these steroids.

A dose of 20-50mgs a day of Para Pharma Dbol works just fine. You might want to use some Para Pharma Aromasin or Para Pharma Adex while on it or at least have them on hand.   Steve says in case you get a gyno scare it is smart to also keep some Para Pharma Letro and Para Pharma Nolvadex on hand to knock that out.

The length of the cycle is 4-7 weeks and PCT should be used after.

Tbol you can run 30-60mgs per day for 5-8 weeks. It is an excellent steroid for athletes and it should also be followed up with a PCT too.

In either situation, the guys recommend N2guard on cycle and Hcgenerate during PCT.


Training and diet on each

The guys finish off the podcast with some final tips:

  1. Tbol is great for athletic performance, Dbol should be reserved more for bodybuilding and powerlifting.
  2. Do not fast or restrict calories on Dbol, but you can with Tbol.
  3. Even though Dbol will boost your appetite, you should still eat a nutritious diet and never dirty bulk.
  4. Take advantage of the pumps with Dbol by doing drop sets and high reps to finish a workout.


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