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Testosterone Esters with Beligas Pharma



Welcome to Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 Episode #63.  In this exciting episode, Steve and Mobster go over Testosterone esters with Beligas Pharma.  They first explain a bit about Testosterone and what esters are.  They then talk about the different Testosterone esters that Beligas offers and how to stack them.  They finish the show by going over their favorite steroids and how to dose them, along with why Beligas is such a great brand.

All about Testosterone esters

The guys start by explaining that we produce Testosterone as a male hormone.  Without this important hormone, it will be difficult to build muscle and strength. By using exogenous Testosterone we shut down our body's hormones, and replace them with the hormones we are injecting.

Steve explains that esters have been attached to the Testosterone molecule to release the hormone slowly into our system. Different Testosterone esters cater to our different goals and what we want to accomplish.

Steve says that it is important to understand what half-lives mean.  It doesn't mean how long the steroid is active in your system, it means that half of what you inject is still leftover.  An example is if something has a 10-day half-life that means after 10 days half of the original injection is still in your system and so on.  Steve explains it in detail so people can understand what half-lives are all about. He says many are misinformed or ignorant of the meaning, and it is important to learn the truth, so you can better utilize and understand what you are doing.

Different Beligas Testosterone options

Beligas has an amazing amount of Testosterone options and the guys say they haven't seen this much variety before in a source.

Test Cyp 250 and 200- This is the #1 most popular Testosterone option used in the USA and it is because it's simple to use and comes with a 6-7 day half-life.  The nice thing about Beligas is they offer you a 250mg/ml option or a 200mgs/ml option.  A 10-12 week cycle is perfect with this or you can do TRT.

Test E 450, 300:  Testosterone Enanthate is the 2nd most popular Testosterone in the USA and popular in other countries too.  It comes with a 5-7 day half-life.  A 10-12 week cycle is good or TRT is fine with it.

Test Prop 100:  Use this one if you want to run a short cycle that is 6-8 weeks or if you are competing and want the flexibility of having something in and out of your system faster.  A lot of competitors choose Test Prop because they want it to be completely out of their system before they step on stage so that there is no water retention.

Test 500 blend (test prop 60mgs, test phenylprop 120mg, test Isocaproate 120mg, Test Decanoate 200mg):  This is a similar blend to Sustanon except they have doubled up each ester amount.  This is great for a cruise or TRT, or you can use it for a long 16-20-week cycle since you won't have to inject often.

Test 400 blend (test prop 60, test phenylprop 120mgs, Test Isocaproate 120mg, Test Decanoate 100mg) This blend is interesting because they went heavier on intermediate esters and doubled up the Prop.  This one would be ideal for a cycle of 12-14 weeks.

Suste Test 250 (Test Prop 30mgs, Test Phenylpropionate 60mgs, Test Iso 60mgs, Test decanoate 100mgs):  This is geared for more people who cruise or do TRT. If you want to cycle you should run it at least 14-16 weeks.

Tri Test Lite 350 (Test E 200mgs, Test Cyp 100mgs, Test Prop, 50mgs):  This one is perfect for those who want to do sports TRT.

Test Suspension 100mg/ml:  Use this if you want a pre-workout boost or if you are a tested athlete.

Beligas also has Testosterone blended with other steroids too.  Things like Equipoise, Trenbolone, Masteron, and more, are part of the ready-made blends they put together. Or you can choose your own separate Beligas products and mix them with the above Testosterone options if you say choose.


Cycling and dosing

The guys go over their favorite ways to stack Beligas Testosterone.

If you are doing regular TRT, and want to do the self TRT route, Beligas has you covered and a dose is generally from 90-150mgs per week. Those who want to do Sports TRT will go 200-300mgs a week.

For general cycles, you can run Testosterone from 125-1000mgs a week with pros running it even higher.

Some of the best powerlifting options that Mobster loves is using Beligas Testosterone along with Beligas Dianabol and Beligas Deca.  That will also work great for bulking too.  Another good option he loves is the Beligas Anavar which he has hit PR's on for strength along with Beligas Sustanon.

Steve mentions the Beligas Trenbolone options which include blends and Tri-Tren. He says that if you are a good reactor to Tren you can shred up even on a below-average diet. Overall he likes Beligas Tren and Test at around 300mgs each and you can adjust the dosage from there.

Beligas Primo, Equipoise, Anavar, Masteron, Tbol, or Winstrol are also great cutting options with Testosterone.


Why Beligas works great

Steve says the reason he loves Beligas is the sheer amount of options they have, no matter what your situation is. This means they cater to all and he respects that.  He also loves their excellent customer service and shipping speed which is among the best you will find.

Mobster says that Beligas has high-quality products at a great price. He loves that they have certificates of analysis and have their gear tested for accuracy.  Many members have posted their bloodwork and their lab testing to confirm how good Beligas products are.


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