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The Dangers Of Steroids… Are They Real?

testosterone steroids cholesterol

Fig 1. Testosterone - Cholesterol Comparison

The topic of steroids is one of the most misunderstood topics that one will ever come across.  Nothing is more riddled with information and misinformation,  than the topic of steroids. On one hand you have a clueless media whose job is to create sensationalism wherever it can as well as a clueless public who only know and believe what they’re told.  This is a recipe for what is known as a “reefer madness” stigma associated with steroid use. Many people have the misconception that by using steroids you will go stark raving mad, your penis will shrink and you will die from cancer after just one cycle.
This hysteria causes the more knowledgeable to play down the dangers, but that can also present a problem. By being over zealous in reporting the exaggerations of steroid use, it can appear that they’re pretty benign. There is a strong misconception that if you just do a good PCT then you have nothing to worry about. Well, just as smoking pot is neither side effect free nor the damnation of youth, steroids use is neither life threatening nor perfectly harmless. As is often the case with most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Dan Duchaine was one of the pioneers of anabolic enhancement for bodybuilding purposes and at a time when little information was available he wrote about it , taking the topic of steroids out from behind closed doors in locker rooms and putting it right on the living room table. After years of dismissing the dangers and misunderstandings of steroids use he finally admitted something later in life. He said; “Since the AMA was so wrong about a lot of things concerning steroids, I presumed they were wrong about everything, but they weren’t. “



Steroids use has its dangers, though most of those dangers become apparent if dosages are too high and cycles are too long. The standard “6 week cycles” that were done back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s have been replaced by 10, 12, 16 even 20 weekcycles. The scary facts are that these are not being done by advanced bodybuilders.  Many common gym rats, who have barely been training for a year are attempting these complex cycles as a starting point!

Like any medication, steroids can have tremendous health benefits, but also, like any type of medicine (And make no mistake – that’s what they are) they have side effects if overused.  Many of you know that oral steroids are hard on the liver. Not only does the liver have to filter them out, but they contain a molecular structure that prevents them from being broken down. It essentially blocks the liver from functioning. This is very stressful and potentially dangerous. Oral steroids should not be taken for more than 4-6 weeks. The recommended dosages for medical purposes is usually around 10 mgs a day. Bodybuilders tend to use AT LEAST 50mgs a day, but often much more.  At one time Anadrol, which was a 50 mg pill , was considered TOO strong from most guys. Today, you see kids doing two a day and ANOTHER oral on top of it. They’re kidding themselves if they think that this wreckless dosing  is not hurting them. It is fair to say that 5 mgs of a steroid is equal to a shot of hard alcohol. So if you’re doing 50 mgs a day, that’s like 10 shots a day every day for weeks on end. That is extremely hard on the liver!

Vet steroids are even harsher. There are no studies on the use of vet steroids on humans so it’s hard to say how and why they do damage. Trenbolone is used on cattle and known as the most effective steroid for strength and for that reason many people are curious to try it. Yet, it produces anxiety, night sweats and a mysterious cough. This alone tells you that something is wrong.  Anytime you fluctuate hormones you run the risk of impotence. Even with a lot of testosterone, you can lose your sex drive if your Estrogen and Progesterone climb out of control. The most overlooked side effect is the high blood pressure brought on by the increased glycogen storage, blood volume and water retention. Using anti-Estrogen products like “Liquidex AI” to reduce bloat can help things when high Estrogen is causing problems, but Liquidex AI alone will not alleviate all the problems of Steroid use.  This is why it’s necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of steroids, their risks and how to prevent those risks before attempting a steroid cycle.

Too many steroid users jump into cycles without having the proper knowledge and preparation on what they are actually doing.  By gaining a full understanding, you can protect yourself from these possible side effects and experience the good effects and minimize the bad effects.  Understanding that you need to have proper supports while running any sort of cycle is imperative to keeping yourself healthy throughout and ensuring a smoother recovery without long term side effects.  Gaining a full understanding of this as well as implementing into your cycle will allow a user to have the best and healthiest experience they can receive.

In tomorrow's email we will provide you with all of the info you need to make your next Steroid cycle the safest one you've ever done.  If each pound of muscle becomes leaves a toxic and long-lasting effect on your organs, then what good is it?  -  If you are mid-cycle now, or you did a cycle a while back and want to run a proper recovery protocol now just to be safe, you must check out tomorrow's article on how to make steroid cycles as safe as you possibly can...  If you ever ran a cycle that contained a harsh oral like Dianabol, you can still run a protocol to help your liver along.  It can only help your long term situation if you did things wrong the first time.  So make sure to read  tomorrow's email to get the information you need about proper and safe Steroid use.

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Check out some of the most popular videos below:

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Rick Vallejo is an industry veteran. Over 25 years of experience in the bodybuilding industry. He's worked with 1000s of guys setting up their personal training routines, diets and regiments. He has prepped multiple bodybuilders for national and regional shows. In addition, he worked with multiple MMA stars to get them ready for fights. ....with all that, Rick is a supplement designer and holds amazing knowledge of herbal products. He is also advanced with testosterone replacement therapy TRT and HRT.

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