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Trenbolone Cycle with Euro Pharmacies


Welcome to another episode of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0. In this episode #29, Steve and Mobster discuss Trenbolone cycles with Euro Pharmacies.  There are a lot of different ways to run Tren and at the end of the day it is the strongest of all steroids, it is the golden nectar, and it is the steroid that you try and work your way up to using.  Once you get there and use Tren, you have nowhere to go but back down, and will have a hard time ever going back to using other steroids.  In this podcast, the guys will talk about its history, how to dose it, how to stack it, and why Euro Pharmacies Tren is top quality.

History of Tren

Trenbolone was released in the 1980s in the cattle industry under the name Finajet and contained the short-acting acetate ester.  Steve explains that they wanted to beef up the animals so they could sell their meat for more money.  The Pharmaceutical industry put out its version and it came from France under the Negma brand for human use called Parabolan, this lasted until 1997 when they discontinued the product because they didn't want any heat from steroid laws.  From there, underground labs and black market dealers started to sell it due to high demand.  Luckily today, it isn't a hard steroid to get a hold of, and is widely available by steroid sources worldwide.

During the 80's bodybuilders started to use tren, and by the 90's it was widely abused.  The guys explain that this is the reason for the explosion in huge size where you compare a Mr. Olympia bodybuilder who weighed 200 pounds max, to one that was over 300 pounds in the offseason. Tren, combined with other steroids, is responsible for turning bodybuilding on its head and creating these monsters.

Mobster finishes the segment by saying that in some countries you can get Tren as a veterinary product legally, but he recommends sticking with underground labs due to sterility issues.

Tren uses and benefits

Steve starts the segment by saying that he has seen examples of guys who have taken Tren and eaten fast food, cheeseburgers, and pizza and still have gotten shredded on it.  All things equal, it can transform your physique even if you don't know how to properly diet or train.  He recommends you do eat and train right on it so you can get the most benefits, but the point is that Tren can cover up a lot of wrong things.

Pro bodybuilders will do a lot of things wrong in the offseason and lose muscle and gain body fat, then leading up to a competition get things in order on all fronts and hop on Tren and get into peak shape for the year. That is how powerful Tren is!

Tren isn't just good for physiques, it is legendary for strength too.  Mobster chimes in and says some of the strongest competitors he has trained with have used Tren and were able to hit all-time personal records that they could have never dreamed of.

Mobster also says that social media influencers, who claim to be natural and try to sell you expensive diet and training programs, will secretly use Tren while lying to you about the truth of how they achieved their physique.

Finally, Tren isn't just good for getting ripped or strength, it can also work very well for recomposition.  Recomping is the hardest thing to do in bodybuilding because you are losing body fat while also gaining muscle at the same time.  Tren gives you that ability.

Tren structure

Trenbolone was structured as a 19-nor steroid with an androgenic/anabolic rating of 500/500.  What this means is that on paper it was designed to be 5x more androgenic and 5x more anabolic than straight Testosterone.  This makes it a very powerful steroid by design to help the user gain globs of muscle mass and strength.

Side effects

Tren comes with more side effects than any other major anabolic steroid.  The most common issues guys report is the androgenic issues including aggression, organ strain, and insomnia. It also comes with mental side effects too including anger and sky-high libido.  Tren is known as the relationship killer because many who use it end up straying from their relationships.  When it comes to bloodwork and lipid health while on cycle, expect your numbers to be off on many parameters, so Steve recommends you get into top shape before you start using Tren.

Finally, the guys mention ‘Tren cough’ and Steve recommends you be prepared for it. One of the ways to lessen this issue is to inject small amounts more shallowly and also mix the Tren with another oil.

Dosing and stacking

Steve says the average dose of Tren is around 250-350mgs per week.  Professionals and those who are more willing to gamble with their health will run it higher.

When it comes to stacking, the guys like to use it with something mild if you want to lower the chances of side effects.  Good options from Euro pharmacies include EP Equipoise, EP Tbol, EP Anavar, and EP Primobolan.

Those who compete and want to get ripped use it with EP Winstrol or EP Masteron.  Those who are looking for strength and mass can use EP Testosterone with it.

Mobster recommends to be flexible with your dosing and don't be scared to lower the dose if it is causing a lot of side effects.

Euro Pharmacies Tren

Euro Pharmacies EP has 3 types of Tren that they sell.  GP Tren Ace, GP Tren Enanthate, and GP Tri-tren (a blend of 3 Tren esters).  The guys recommend choosing which Tren you want to use based on what kind of ester and length of the cycle. For cycles 8 weeks or less, Tren Ace might be the best best. For those wanting to go 8-12 weeks, you could run Tri-tren or the Tren E.

No matter which one you choose you can rest assured that Euro Pharmacies Tren is the highest quality and clean.  In conclusion, Steve warns that if you buy Tren from a random dealer you can give yourself major toxicity and end up very ill.  You should stick to top-quality Tren from a trusted source like Euro Pharmacies.


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