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Trenbolone Sustanon Bulking – Geneza Pharma


Evolutionary Underground is back with your hosts Steve and Mobster. They present episode #17 and discuss how to use Trenbolone with Sustanon for bulking using Geneza Pharma products.

Why Geneza Pharma?

Geneza Pharma is a well-known worldwide anabolic steroid brand. If you poll the top bodybuilders in the world, many of them use Geneza Pharma and depend on them for results, because they know their products are legitimate and they trust them. The other aspect is the wonderful service you will get with this brand, which is why the majority of their customers are repeat buyers.

Introduction to bulking

Mobster talks about the mistakes he has done in the past when it comes to bulking. He says he tried mass gainer supplements that were 2000 calories added and they just made him gain fat and made him sick. The reality is it was nothing but powdered milk and sugar. Instead, he recommends bulking over the long term properly with proper diet and training, rather than being impatient. Following this will lead to year-over-year gains that add up over time.

Steve chimes in on what he thinks bulking is. He says the bottom line is it is about eating more than you need, hitting the weights hard, and getting stronger. On a cycle putting on a solid 10-15 pounds is a good bulking run for 10-12 weeks.

Mobster makes one more point that getting fat and bulking are two different things. He thinks there is a sweet spot where you are gaining 60-70% of muscle out of the total weight you are putting on.

Geneza Sustanon

Steve starts the segment by noting that Sustanon typically comes in 250mgs/ml and that was the original way it was designed with 4 testosterone-based esters. Those 4 esters that make up the formula are propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate, and decanoate. It is designed to be injected in larger amounts, but infrequently, for Testosterone replacement therapy because each ester picks up after the other.

Geneza Pharma has a special Sustanon they came up with and it is 270mg/ml instead. The difference in the formula is they added in 20mgs of acetate so it will kick in a little faster than the original blend.

The benefits of Sustanon are of course based on the advantages and disadvantages of Testosterone. One of the benefits is its bulking aspects thanks to the increase in appetite, added water retention, boosting protein synthesis, and the androgenic and anabolic increases.

A male body produces roughly 100mgs a week of Testosterone on its own, so when you add in Sustanon at 500mgs a week, you will get 5x the amount of what your body normally produces. That will be felt across the board when it comes to your mood, libido, and aggression.

Side effects of Sustanon will be dependent on the dosage you are running. The higher the dose the more sides you should expect. The main side effect that is most evident is the estrogenic side effects which include gynecomastia (bitch tits), higher blood pressure, higher heart rate, fatigue, and insomnia. So it is important to help balance your estrogen while you are using.

Geneza Trenbolone

Geneza has 2 very good options to choose from when it comes to Trenbolone. They have the GP Tren Acetate (shorter ester) and the GP Tren Enanthate (longer ester). You can run either with Sustanon no problem, depending on how often you choose to inject the Tren.

Some people think Tren is not a good bulker, but Steve says that is not true. The whole reason Tren is used in the cattle industry is to bulk up the animal before being sold. He says Tren is a fantastic bulker and you can gain a lot of mass quickly due to its incredible ability to nutrition partition. Essentially it is forcing growth in the body, turning your muscles into sponges, thanks to its high anabolic and androgenic rating.

A very important tip with Tren is to make sure you are getting in enough carbs otherwise side effects will get worse on it. The side effects to watch out for on Tren are sweats, fatigue, insomnia, organ strain, and severe aggression.

Steve recommends lots of brown rice, sweet potatoes, and fruit while on Tren. This will help your body stay fed and reduce side effects.

Tren cough is another side effect where the solution finds its way to your lungs and causes 30 seconds of severe coughing. Steve recommends some tips to help with this.

1. Dilute the tren with another steroid (in this case Sustanon) in the same syringe before you inject
2. Avoid injecting near blood vessels
3. Inject more shallow small amounts at a time
Another side effect that people complain about is sweats, especially night sweats. Some tips to combat this are:
1. Invest in DC (quiet) fans
2. Run Tren during cooler months
3. Stay hydrated with lots of water and fruit

How to stack them

There are many different ways to stack both of these steroids.

Steve says merely stacking 250mgs of each is plenty to get results with these powerful steroids.

Some guys will decide to use 500mgs of each or use 250mgs of 1 and 500mgs of the other.

For a first-timer, Mobster recommends just starting conservative and going 250mgs of each.

The length of the cycle depends on how much you can tolerate. Steve likes to only use Tren for 8 weeks maximum, but you can push for 10 or 12 weeks. You can also stop the Tren earlier and keep the Sustanon for a few weeks longer if you wish. The best thing is to experiment with what works best for you.

Final tips

The guys go over a few final tips they want to share when it comes to bulking on Sustanon and Trenbolone.

1. Do not put on too much fat when you are bulking, so take your time and eat clean.
2. Use an aromatase inhibitor such as Aromasin or Arimidex to control water weight.
3. Learn to prepare and save food ahead of time, this will be very important on this cycle.


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