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Trenbolone the Good and Bad – with Euro Pharma

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Euro Pharma

Welcome to Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 #74 - Trenbolone the Good and Bad - with Euro Pharma.  In this episode, Steve and Mobster go over Tren's facts and history, talk about what Tren is used for in bodybuilding, what Euro Pharmacies Tren options are available, side effects, and how to use Tren for the best benefits.

Tren facts and history

Steve says that Trenbolone has been around for several decades and it was used in the cattle industry in the 80's as Finajet and it was a short-acting acetate ester.  The reason they used it was to beef up the cattle to get more money.   Tren was also pharma and human grade and a company out of France called Negma produced it for bodybuilders into the late 90's.  Steve says this was one of the reasons we saw physiques blow up during this decade and bodybuilding started becoming a freak show.  Tren is such a great nutrient partitioner that it acts like a sponge where it blows away any of the other main steroids out there and Mobster says it is a must if you are going to beat your peers.

Mobster says Tren was taken off the market in the late 90's, so guys would start experimenting with making their own at home from pellets under the Finaplix H brand. They would brew their stuff at home to use, and some people would even sell this toxic stuff to their friends or other people on forums out of desperation.

Steve says we are lucky that today we have brands like Euro Pharmacies that know what they are doing and can provide us with legitimate Trenbolone that is safe to use when used properly.

The guys say that Trenbolone is considered 5x more androgenic and 5x more anabolic than straight Testosterone according to the ratios and in the real world, these numbers are close to accurate.  This makes it a potent androgen which does an amazing job of boosting protein synthesis, muscle building, and nitrogen retention like nothing else. Also important to mention, there is a modification at the 19th position which makes it a 19-nor steroid just like Nandrolone (Deca) although they are very different steroids.


What Tren is good for

Steve says that Tren was polled as one of the top 4 most popular steroids that are used today. The reason for this is that no matter what your goals are, it will likely benefit you when it comes to the gym grind or competing.

Powerlifting: When it comes to strength there is no better steroid than Tren. Steve says he used Tren and set PRs on his strength both times he ran it.  It made him so strong that he even blew out his shoulder and herniated a few discs in the process.

Competing and bodybuilding:  If you plan on competing and winning, then it makes little sense to avoid using Tren, since the people you are going up against are using it.  This is why competitors use it and get great results using it.

Recomping:  Gaining muscle and losing fat is the hardest thing to do at the same time in this game, but Tren allows you to do it better than any steroid out there.

Cutting: Steve says he has seen guys with horrible diets eating fast food still getting cut up on Tren.  This is because of the effects tren has on your metabolism and the other things it does based on its structure. Mobster says imagine if you keep a good diet on Tren what kind of results you can get on it.

Steve warns that you should not use Tren if you are an endurance athlete because it will hurt that aspect of your training.


Euro Pharmacies options and how to stack

When it comes to Tren Steve says you can dose it anywhere from 150mgs per week up to 400mgs, with 250-300mgs being most popular.  Pros will run it higher 500mgs or even 1000mgs+ which carries an insane amount of side effects.

Here is the current Euro Pharmacies list of different Tren options they have:

EP Tren ace 15ML 75mgs/ml, 10ML 100mgs/ml

EP Eurobolan Tren Hex 10ML 80mgs/ml

EP Tren E 15ML 150mgs/ml, 10ML 200mgs/ml

EP Tri Tren 10ML 150mgs/ml mix of Ace, E, and hex 50mgs/ml each

EP Cutting Mix 200  Test Prop + Tren ace 100mgs each, Cutting mix 300 TProp+ Mast Prop+ Tren Ace 100mgs each

EP Rapid Cut 350.  Tren ace 75, Mast Prop 75, Test Prop 75, Test Cyp 125

EP Amps Tren Ace 100mgs per ML

EP Amps Tren ace 200mgs per ML

Steve says there are several good options to stack with Tren that Euro Pharmacies has to offer. He said he hit PRs doing both EP Anavar + Tren and EP Tbol + Tren.  The dosages on those orals are 30-50mgs per day.

Another option is the EP Equipoise or EP Primo which can be stacked with Tren at 300-400mgs a week.

Mobster says Masteron and Proviron are his favorite options with Tren because of their cutting properties in a cut stack.  You can run up to 500mgs of Masteron per week and up to 50mgs of Proviron per day.


Why Euro Pharmacies

Euro Pharmacies is a legitimate brand that provides high quality products that are dosed correctly and labeled correctly.  Their products have been independently tested and we know they are on point. This is why Mobster and Steve always recommend them as one of their top brands and use them themselves.

Where to buy?

Euro Pharmacies can be purchased from Puritysourcelabs.ru.

Puritysourcelabs.ru is an approved source that has been around for 15 years providing customers with outstanding oral steroids, injectable steroids, ancillaries, PCT products, and more.  When you purchase from them you know you are getting authentic Euro Pharmacies brand and not fakes.

Puritysourcelabs.ru provides lightning-quick domestic shipping to American customers, with no need to worry about customs and no need to stress about how long it takes.  They ship typically within a few days and you get your package lightning fast.  They also offer international shipping as well to many other countries.

They have reps on the forums to further assist with setting up cycles and answer questions you may have.  If there is ever an issue they are on call to help with your order and make sure you are taken care of.


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