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Trenbolone from Para Pharma


Welcome to Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 Episode #18.  In this episode, the guys are gonna go over how to use Trenbolone from Para Pharma. The guys discuss how to increase strength while on Trenbolone, along with recomping, cutting, and bulking too. Whether you have never used Tren, or you used it before, the guys go over all the options so you won't want to miss this one!

Why Para Pharma

Steve starts this segment by talking about how fantastic Para Pharma gear is.  If you go to their website you will see they have been in business for over 12 years, they have 45 different products and 30 different APIs.  They also have recent Janoshik testing of their products, which is an independent testing company, that proves the gear is golden.

Mobster loves to see certificates of analysis and always wants to see testing done on the products before he uses them.  He then talks about how back in the day guys would produce their own Trenbolone from Fina/cattle pellets and sell them at the gym.  It was playing Russian roulette with your health and you risked getting serious health problems by taking poor quality or dirty Tren.

Steve says that he has known situations where there was dirt or hair found in steroid vials.  He also mentions the stories on forums of people injecting poor quality gear and ending up in the emergency room for days from dangerous infections.

Luckily, Para Pharma produces their Trenbolone in actual labs and they are produced by professional chemists, who make their living producing steroids in a controlled and inspected environment.


How Tren can be an amazing steroid

Steve says that Trenbolone is best used for people who have hit a plateau in their training, who use this potent steroid to push themselves to another plateau.  Steve isn't the biggest guy out there, being a shorter guy who is 5'6'' and 185 pounds lean. When he started his steroid journey he was able to max out on the bench press at around 340 pounds after trying many different steroid cycles including deca, testosterone, Dianabol, Anavar, equipoise, superdrol, and Primobolan. He was able to take Trenbolone and almost hit 200 pounds in weight, while still being lean, while improving his bench press to 420 pounds, which was more than double his body weight. He also was able to squat over 600 pounds which was triple his body weight.

Mobster points out you shouldn't think that Tren is just for strength.  Many physique competitors use Tren to shred up ahead of the competition, and heavyweight bodybuilders who push 300 pounds of body weight use Tren to get huge and vascular.  It also is one of the best steroids for recomping, where you lose body fat while gaining lean body mass at the same time.

Steve finishes the segment by warning people that once they use Tren they will be hard-pressed to match its results with other steroids.  For this reason, he recommends using Trenbolone truly when you have gotten enough experience and have exhausted other steroids first.  Otherwise, you will never be able to go back to using other steroids psychologically or physically.  It would be like getting a Lamborghini as your first car, it is going to be impossible to go back to driving a Ford after that.

Tren options from Para Pharma

Mobster starts this segment by talking about Para Pharma Trenbo E200, which is Trenbolone Enanthate 200mgs/ml.  He says he likes this option because it is easy to use, and doesn't require much injecting thanks to the long ester attached, and the large amount of hormones per ML.

Steve then talks about Para Pharma Trenbo A100, which is popularly used by professional bodybuilders. Steve says he loves this steroid due to its flexibility since it is Tren Acetate 100mgs/ml.  It is in and out of the system quicker than the long Enanthate version, but the downside is it requires more frequent injections.

The next one is Para Pharma TrenMix350, which is an interesting blend of 250mgs of Test E and 100mgs Tren E.  Steve says that this one works well if you are a good reactor to Testosterone. A strong cycle would be 2CC's per week, which gives you 200mgs of the Tren, and 500mgs of the Testosterone.  Most people who use this stack will experience a surge in libido, strength, and mass.

The next one is called Para Pharma Cutstack 150. This one is a very good stack if you don't mind injections, and if you want to cut down and harden up. It is a blend of TestP, TrenA, and DrostP 50mgs, each making 150mgs per ML/CC.  This blend is very popular with physique competitors and needs to be pinned at least 3-4x per week for best results.

Finally, the Para Pharma Long Stack300 features a blend of Drost E, Tren E, and Test E. It is 100mgs each making it 300mgs/ml total. This is a great option for those who want to harden up and cut, but who also don't want to inject often.

How to dose it

Steve says that Trenbolone's weekly dosages usually range from 200mgs up to 400mgs.  His sweet spot is around 300mgs total per week.  However, experienced users will go much higher, up to 1000mgs or more a week if they can tolerate the side effects.

Another tip Steve recommends with Tren is to be flexible.  This means never continuing to use Tren if you are experiencing severe side effects.  Mobster agrees and says it is good to go into a cycle with a plan, however, it is also good to alter the plan whether it be dosage or length of a cycle.  You should set a 6-week timeline to use it and then take things week by week from there.

Avoiding Tren cough


Steve finishes the podcast by discussing Tren cough which can be a scary thing to experience.  He says that it usually happens when you inject near a blood vessel, and the irritation travels to the lungs, causing a 30-60 second coughing fit.  You can cut down on this happening by using high-quality gear like Para Pharma. Another tip is to try to avoid injecting near blood vessels, inject smaller amounts, and finally mix up your oils in the syringe to dilute it down.


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