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TRT and Primobolan with Geneza Pharma



Welcome to another episode of Evolutionary Underground. In this episode #36, Steve and Mobster discuss TRT and Primobolan with Geneza Pharma.  This is a great episode to learn about what TRT is, how to run it independently, and how to use Testosterone and Primobolan while in TRT.

What is TRT?

TRT stands for Testosterone replacement therapy.  It can also be called HRT or Hormone replacement therapy.  This concept has gained popularity because people want their Testosterone levels to be at a higher level or what they consider a 'normal level' to them.

In the USA, Steve explains the normal range for Testosterone is 250ng/dl up to 900ng/dl depending on what medical journal you are going by.  This range is very large and he makes the point that even people with levels at the upper range can experience negative issues and vice versa.  It isn't an exact science on what determines where your levels can be. Other factors like poor sleep, mental and physical stress, poor diet, pollution, lack of exercise or over-exercise, etc. can cause Testosterone levels to be poor.

The idea behind TRT is to replace your levels of hormones with exogenous hormones so that you look and feel optimal.

Mobster makes a point that many people make the mistake of deciding to go on TRT at a young age, rather than fix the existing issue they have control over.   Steve adds that he recommends you exhaust all remedies first and if all else fails you can be a candidate for TRT.

A common dosage of TRT can range from 80mgs per week of Testosterone up to 200mgs or more for sports TRT.  Many clinics are also offering add-ons to TRT including peptides, HCG, HGH, sarms, and other anabolic steroids.

Although it has become easier than ever to get a prescription for TRT, many guys are choosing to do self-TRT on their own to save money and time.

Geneza Pharma has you covered to do self-TRT on your own.

Primo and adding it into TRT

GP Prima100 (Primobolan) is sold from Geneza Pharma and comes in 10ML vials.

Primobolan is considered the golden steroid due to its popularity during the "Golden Age of Bodybuilding" of the 70's. Steve says it was so popular in those days because it gave the user quality lean muscle mass without the risk of estrogen side effects.  In those days, bodybuilders had no clue about anti-estrogens, so it was not smart to use a lot of dbol or Testosterone.  Primo became their steroid of choice along with Deca and Proviron.

Arnold was said to use Primo at high dosages ahead of his shows to give him his chiseled look and quality muscle mass.

Primo went out of favor when Trenbolone, Testosterone, and Equipoise entered bodybuilding in the 80's and 90's.  However, a lot of people still love it because it is a mild and effective option for people not looking to be mass monsters.

For TRT you can add it in a cycle depending on your strategy.

The guys lay out of few ideas:

Test at a lower dose and Primo at a high dose:  This is good for those who want the Primo to become the center of attention and if you enjoy lower estrogen and more vascularity with cuts to your muscles.

Test at a higher dose and Primo lower:  This is good for those who want to add in some Primo just to give the TRT more of an aesthetic look, while allow the Testosterone to dominate the protocol.

Test and Primo at a similar moderate dosage:  This can be good for those who want the Primo to help offset the estrogen from the Testosterone aromatization.



TRT options from Geneza Pharma

GP Sustanon 270:   Most sustanon options are 250mgs/ml but Geneza Pharma added in some Acetate to help it get into your system a bit faster which is nice. It contains an addition of Test Acetate 20mgs, the rest is the standard of 30mgs of Propionate, 60mgs of Phenylpropionate, 60mgs Isocaproate, 100mgs Decanoate.   Steve says the way Sustanon was designed is for you to inject a large amount, infrequently.  This cuts down on injections and is good for those of you who would rather inject once every 10-20 days.  Sustanon is most popular in Britain, since that is where it was derived from to be used in TRT, and is similar to Omnadren which is an East European preference for TRT.

GP Test Cyp 250:  This is the most popular TRT option in the USA.  Steve says there are a couple of reasons for this. The first is obviously because it is produced by American Pharma companies so American doctors will be more biased to it.  The 2nd is that it is a very smooth injection with very minimal  PIP (post-injection pain) so it is nice for people who are like Steve, who are sensitive to PIP, and who hate being sore after an injection.  It works great and can be pinned once every 5-14 days.

GP Test E250:  This is also very popular in the USA for the reasons that Cyp is popular.  It is very similar to Cypionate but with this one, you will want to inject every 4-10 days.

GP Test U250 (Nebido):  This is a very unique option for TRT and Steve cautions you don't want to use this option unless you are 100% on board with TRT and are committed to it. The reason is once you get on it, then it will be in your system for a long time, so it will be hard to recover your HPTA from using it if you change your mind. The nice thing about it is you don't have to inject it often because of its super long half-life. The injection loading phase is 1000mgs for the first 6 weeks, then you can pin it anywhere from every 6-12 weeks depending on your dosing.

Why we love Geneza Pharma

Mobster and Steve love Geneza Pharma and they are one of their favorite brands.  When you order their products you know you are getting the proper dosing and the actual product you ordered.  Steve reminds people that Primo is one of the most faked steroids over the past 30 years and it used to be almost impossible to find the real stuff.  Thanks to Geneza Pharma, you now can buy quality and legitimate Primo at a fair price.

Their Testosterone options have you covered no matter your situation, and the dosing and quality rival the same stuff you would overpay for at an anti-aging clinic or a pharmacy.  Mobster says he would have never achieved his strength and mass gains without the help of GP products, and he plans on using them again on a future cycle, and when he does decide it's time for TRT.


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