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UFC 165: Jones vs. Gustafsson Play by Play




Costa Philippou (12-2-1) vs. Francis Carmont (21-7)
*prediction: Carmont Wins

Round 1:  @4:55 Francis lands a front kick.  @4:34 low kick exchanges between the fighters.  @4:25 Francis takes down Costa, 4:16 staying on top.  @3:55 they are against the cage, Francis on top.  @3:34 Francis stays on top, Costa against the cage.  @3:04 Francis attempts choke, @2:56 Costa powers out of the choke.  @2:40 Francis on top in half guard throwing short punches to the body.  @2:23 Costa on the bottom Francis on top in full guard.  @2:09 Costa attempts armbar, fails. @1:51 Costa on bottom ,ground and pound from Carmont - he's in north south.  @1:31 side guard transitions to full guard.  @1:14 Costa elbows from bottom.  @1:01 Francis ground and pound side control.  @0:37 Choke attempt by Francis.  @0:10 Costa attempts armbar, round ends.
Our scoring: 10-8 Carmont

Round 2: @4:55 Francis comes out with jabs.  @4:35 Francis takes down Costa again, power double.  @4:19 Francis in full guard.  @3:56 Costa against the cage, Francis on top.  @3:44 Francis dominant, Costa against the cage.  @3:20 big shot from the top by Carmont.  @2:58 Francis on top again, Costa looks frustrated.  @2:41 Carmont in half guard on top.  @2:25 Ref asking them to move, no action.  @2:13 Ref stands them up.  @1:55 Costa slips but stays on the feed.  @1:41 Francis takes Costa down again, driving in a power double.  @1:23 Kimura attempt on the right arm of Costa - fails.  @1:00 GnP by Francis front side mount.  @0:38 GnP by Francis again good shots, Costa on the bottom no action from him.  @0:15 full mount by Carmont.  @0:10 Carmont on top round ends.
Our scoring: 10-8 Carmont

Round 3: @4:41 Costa jabs.  @4:30 High kick by Carmon, clean.  @4:20 Costa rubbing eye, looks like an injury.  @4:09 double leg shot by Francis, rag dolls Costa, takes him down @3:51 Costa on his back again, GnP by Francis.  @3:33 Carmont on top, GnP fron the half guard, Costa giving no indication of ability of getting up.  @3:12 Carmont with hardcore GnP! @2:55 Costa attempts to get up, cost on 1 knee.  @2:38 Costa up and gets taken down again.  @2:26 Costa attempts choke , drops it.  @2:00 Hardcore GnP by Carmont , Costa is in pain.  @1:40 Carmont is dominating Costa.  @1:30 Costa trying to get up nothing working.  @1:12 Francis on top keeps up hardcore GnP @1:05 big elbow GnP by Carmont.  @0:51 hard GnP by Carmont continues.  @30 Carmont got full mount, almost  choke. @0:14 hammer fists by Carmont.
Our scoring: 10-8 Carmont

Judges score: 30-27/30-27/30-26, close to what we scored - winner Carmon






Brendan Schaub (9-3) vs. Matt Mitrione (6-2)
Our prediction: Schaub wins

Round 1: @4:40 they are feeling each other out.  @4:25 big right had by Mitrione, grazed.  @4:08 Schaub missed left.  @3:56 heavy kick by Matt.  @3:40 big righ hand by Schaub.  @3:20 there is a cut not sure who.  @3:06 hard kick by Matt.  @2:58 Schaub attempts takedown, stuffed.  @2:46 clear Matt is cut under left eye.  @2:28 low leg kick by Matt.  @2:18 attempted overhand right by Schaub, blocked.  @1:58 Schaub pushes formward with a wild combination @1:48 Schaub takes down Mitrione.  @1:33 Schaub on top in half guard.  @1:23 Schaub attempts to pass guard. @1:13 Schaub has a choke.  @0:54 Schaub chokes out Matt Mitrione!
-Matt did NOT tap out, got put to sleep by Schaub

WINNER by submission: Brendan Schaub






Renan Barão (30-1) vs. Eddie Wineland (20-8-1)

Our Prediction: Barao Wins

Round 1: @4:49 pace is fast.  @4:45 low kick by Barao.  @4:30 left right by Eddie.  @4:01 big right hand by Eddie.  @3:37 Barao attempts takedown, they clinch.  @3:26 they against the cage, Eddie pushing on Barao.  @3:12 judge breaks them up, back to the center of the cage.  @2:53 high kick by Barao, Eddie pushes it off.  @2:30 eddie goes to the body with a punch.  @2:12 reverse spin kick missed by Barao @1:55 Wineland bouncing around very confident  @1:29 good low kick by Barao @1:21 left right by Barao  @1:08 Barao takedown stuffed by Eddie  @0:55 good right by Barao  @0:47 good high kick by Barao  @0:29 big right and left by Barao  @0:19 low kick by Barao @13 jab by Wineland
Our score: 10-9 Barao

Round 2: @4:49 Eddie comes out with jab.  @4:48 good right by Eddie left to the body by Barao.  @4:32 good spinning back-kick to the head by Barao, Wineland knocked down.  Barao on top punching, ref stops fight.

WINNER BY TKO, Renan Barão







Jon Jones (18-1) vs. Alexander Gustafsson (15-1)

Our Prediction: Jon Jones Wins

Round 1:  @4:48 Alexander comes out with kick. Spinning backkick by Jones in the 1st minute.  @4:15 high kick by Jones.  @4:09 spinning back kick to the body by Jones.  @3:52 kick to the knee by Jones  @3:33 another knee kick, Jones keeps kicking the knee  @3:10 kick to the body by Jones  @2:37 right hand by Alexander, not clean  @2:25 right hand attempt by Alexander again  @2:16 left right by Alexander, Jon Jones is CUT!  over right eye  @2:01 Gustafsson again pushing forward.  @1:55 spinning back kick by Jones  @1:43 Headkick by Jones but light  90 seconds on the clock Jones moves forward  @1:20 low kick by Jones, they are throwing a lot of kickboxing hits  @1:00 Gustafsson takes down Jon Jones , 1st takedown in UFC for Jon Jones!!! taken down  @0:30 Gustafsson got pocked in the right eye, both are sticking fingers out warned by ref.  @0:20 Alexander uses fake air jabs to keep Jones away @:10 Jones looks for takendown but fails.
Our Score:  10-9 Gustafsson

Round 2:  Opening round , Jones visibly cut under right eye  @4:52 nice inside leg kick by Jon  @4:40 Alexander catches Jones low kick, throws him down @4:30 Alexander avoids Jones takendown  @4:10 right hand by Alexander, stuffs takedown by Jones, Jones has 5 takedowns stuffed!!!! @3:37 Jones has a hard time reaching Alexander  @3:30 big left by Gustafsson  @3:09 good low kick by Jones  @2:30 good left high head kick by Jones , connects  @2:14 good left hook by Alexander  @1:59 good combination by Alexander, left right straight  @1:40 low right kick by Alexander  @1:23 Alexander catches high kick by Jones, throws him down, STUFFS another taken down from Jones , 6 takedowns stuffed by Alexander Gustafsson  @0:45 good inside leg kick by Jones  @0:28 High kick by Jones stuffed , final seconds lots of dancing around
Our Scoring: 10-9 , Gustafsson

Round 3:  @4:47 good right low kick by Jones  @4:28 low kick by Jones again  @3:57 clinch , Alexander breaks clinch @3:41 right hand over the top by Alexander, hurt Jones a little  @3:28 high kick by Jones, nothing Gustafsson keeps going forward  @2:55 kick to the body by Jon  @2:36 good uppercut and right hand by Alexander  @2:27 right hand by Alexander connects again  @1:53 kick to the body by Jones, they are boxing in the ring, all stand up kickboxing  @1:31 Gustafsson taking big deep breath  @1:04 attempted takendown by Gustafsson  @0:53 left hook by Alexander landed  @0:43 Gustafsson catches another Jones kick  @0:30 good jab by Alexander, Jones looking for spin elbow, @0:17 they are against the cage, now clean off , final seconds of the round left Jab by Jones
Our Score:  10-9, Gustafsson

Round 4: @4:43 good left by Jon Jones, @4:13 left high kick by Jones, Jones moving forward @4:06 Alexander catches another kick  @3:48 right straight by Alexander  @3:38 again with the right hand @3:24 jab by Jones keeping Alexander away  @3:11 Gustafsson looks like he's slowing down, a lot slower in the championship rounds  @2:51 straight jab by Alexander lands  @2:37 attempted takedown by Jones, stuffed  @2:28 great left by Alexander  @2:12 they clich against the cage , attempted takedown by Jones, they are against the cage @2:01.  @1:59 Gustafsson avoids takedown  @1:44 blood over the right eye of Jon Jones bleeding bad, he cant see well  @1:22 Alexander stuffs another takedown!  @1:10 low kick by Jones   9 takedown attempts by Jones stuffed  @0:44 Jones misses spni elbow then caught him  @30 seconds on the clock, Alexander stuffs takedown almost knocked down, Gustafsson bleeding bad, final seconds of round.
Our Score: 10-8, Jon Jones

Round 5:  in the corner of Jones , Jones bleeding over right eye and swollen left  @4:50 left hook by Alexander , Gustafsson looks recovered @4:40, @4:10 Alexander bleeding on left temple  @3:56 nice left by Jones but Jones slowing down @3:38 elbow by Jones @3:27 attempted takedown by Gustafsson  @3:13 good right hand by Jon @3:05 Jones takes down Gustafsson, Alexander against the cage @2:45 he's up!!! @2:40 Jones taking deep breath, spits blood out of mouth  @2:27 they are back on their feet  @2:16 left weak by Alexander  @2:00 Gustafsson looks tired he's almost done, he's barely up  @1:45 attempted takedown by Jones stuffed  @1:37 spinning elbow by Gustafsson missed  @1:10 Jones tired too , Alexander totally tired , 1minute in the round  @0:37 Gustafsson attempts takedown  , 20 seconds on the clock  , 10 secs on the clock, they clinch , flying knee by Jones
Our Score: 10-9 Jones


Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson --- Judges Score:  48-47, 48-47, 49-46

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