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UFC 167 – Georges St. Pierre vs Johny Hendricks – Play by Play



Josh Koscheck vs Tyron Woodley

Welterweight bout (170lbs)

Round 1

0:15 seconds: Tyron Woodley comes forward with a three punch combination jab, uppercut, cross. Cross lands on koscheck's head and drops him against the cage. Woodley secures front headlock against cage throws a right knee square on koschecks face.

[0:30] seconds: Koscheck fights out the front headlock and reverses woodley up the against the cage and attacks a single leg takedown.

[1:00] minute: Koscheck still able to hold Woodley against the cage lands a couple knees to the thigh on both legs.

[1:20] minute: Koscheck still holding Woodley against cage, Herb Dean steps in and separates the two due to not enough action.

[2:00] minute: Both fighters are in the center of the octagon exchanging jabs, Woodley lands a huge leg kick on Koscheck almost dropping him to the canvas.

[2:05] minute: Koscheck throws an over hand right that was partially blocked by woodley that landed on the jaw.

[2:31] minute: Koscheck throws an overhand right but Woodley slips and counters with a right hook right on Koschecks temple dropping him to the canvas. Woodley enters Koschecks guard throwing heavy ground and pound. Koscheck looks like he is in a lot of trouble here and Woodley is trying to finish the fight by ground and pound

[3:00] minute: Koscheck survives the onslaught by Woodley and is able to recover to a closed guard holding on for as long as he can so he can recover from the ground and pound punishment.

[4:00] minute: Woodley moved Koscheck to the cage as he remains in his closed guard Woodley threw a few body shots before Herb Dean stepped in and brought it back standing.

[4:38] minute: Koscheck cuts off the octagon and looks to be the aggressor throwing a jab, cross combo that lands flush on Woodley against the cage. Koscheck throws another straight right Woodley slips the punch and throws a right hook bomb which lands on Koschecks jaw. Koscheck as he is falling is hit with another jab cross combo to the jaw leaving Koscheck unconscious Herb Dean steps in giving Woodley the KO at the [4:38] mark in the first round.

Fight write up:

This was an interesting match up on paper as Josh Koscheck was coming off a 2 fight losing streak the longest of his career against a heavy hitting Tyron Woodley. Tyron Woodley is a huge 170lb fighter and his punches really show with his knockout of Koscheck. From the get go you could see that Woodley was faster and more powerful than Koscheck. I was very impressed with Woodleys slip and counters in this fight as he did not really play the aggressor and he baited Koscheck a few times which ended with a very nice KO finish.




Robbie Lawler vs Rory MacDonald

Welterweight bout (170lbs)

[0:20] seconds: Robbie Lawler comes out early with some front side leg kicks to Macdonald lead leg. Lawler throws a head kick and Macdonald blocks and moves.

[1:10] minute: Lawler throws another leg kick. Mcdonald throws a front kick to the body of Lawler followed by a jab that hits Lawler in the face. Macdonald shoots for takedown Lawler defends. Remains on the feet.

[4:00] minute: Lawler cuts off the octagon pursuing Macdonald against the cage. Macdonald land a front kick to the body. Lawler throws a jab, cross combo landing the jab and missing the cross as Macdonalds circles away and centers the octagon.

[4:50] minute: Lawler throws high kick to the body of Macdonald. Macdonald catches the kick but eats two uppercuts from Lawler. Macdonald releases the leg and circles out.

1st round summary:

It was a close first round but I have Lawler edging it out due to more significant strikes being landed as Lawler was more effective with his leg kicks.

[0:10] seconds: Lawler throws a leg kick. Macdonald shoots on the single. Lawler does well to defend get pushed up against the cage. Macdonald releases the leg and throws a high kick of his own landing on Lawlers body.

[1:30] minute: Lawler and Macdonald exchange shots as Lawler throws a jab, cross combo which misses and Macdonald hits Lawler with a jab cross of his own and finishes off with a head kick which lands.

[2:30] minute: Macdonald hits Lawler with two straight body punches followed by a leg kick and circles out to the center of the octagon.

[3:00] minute: Macdonald lands two front kicks to the body followed by a straight body punch and a right hook that lands over Lawlers guard. Macdonald then shoots for a double leg takedown and successfully does so pinning Lawlers back up against the cage.

[4:40] minute: Macdonald remains in Lawlers butterfly guard attempting to pass into half guard. Does so and starts to rain down some elbows and ground and pound to finish off the round.

2nd round summary:

Much better from Macdonald as he was able to put together some good combinations and kicks. He was able to solidify that round with a late take down. Right now its one a piece going into the third round.

[0:10] seconds: Lawler comes forward with a high kick and follows up with two hooks which land and a uppercut which also lands. Macdonald shoots for a takedown in response to the shots he took.

[0:20] seconds: Lawler stuffs the take down and keeps coming forward landing two hooks on Macdonald and Lawler follows up with a knee that Macdonald grabs onto and takes Lawler down.

[1:00] minute: Macdonald is in Lawlers guard not doing much work and Mario Yamasaki stands them back up.

[1:10] minute: Lawler comes forward and lands another hook on the temple of Maconald. Macdonald shoots for the take down. Lawler is able to sweep the position from bottom. And ends up on top of Macdonald in his guard throwing big shots.

[2:00] minute: Lawler is not able to do any damage in Macdonalds guard so Lawler stands back up to bring the fight back to the feet.

[2:30] minute: Macdonald shoots for single. Lawler shows good balance hopping on one leg and defends the takedown very athletically.

[2:45] minute: Lawler comes forward and land 3 hooks that drop Macdonald to the canvas. Lawler enters the guard throwing huge shots landing on Macdonald flush he looks hurt here.

[3:00] minute: Lawler passes Macdonalds guard into side control laying some more heavy ground and pound. Macdonald is doing well to survive.

[4:00] minute: Lawler remains on top position landing shots. Macdonald is able to get back to the feet and take Lawler down but surely its too little too late for Macdonald.

3rd round summary:

The third round was the decider as both fighters split the first two. Lawler came out hungrier than Macdonald and was able to land some damaging shots to Macdonald. Credit to Rory for withstanding those shots from Lawler.




Rashad Evans vs Chael Sonnen

Light-Heavyweight bout (205lbs)

[0:10] seconds: Sonnen comes forward with some pressure and shoots for the double leg takedown. Evans stuffs it and gets moved up against the cage.

[1:00] minute: Sonnen is up against the cage with Evans putting pressure on him. Sonnen goes for a thai clinch a throws a few knees. Evans went for a single leg but Sonnen was able to defend.

[2:30] minute: After considerable time up against the cage Sonnen again goes for the thai clinch and throws some knees. Evans shoots for the double and is able to complete the takedown.

[3:00] minute: Evans moves into half guard and starts to land some punches. Sonnen is defending well Evans has not done any damage with his ground and pound as of yet.

[4:00] minute: Evans still controls on top as Sonnen attempts to escape. Evans lands a huge elbow which forces Sonnen to turtle. Evans lands a couple shot before Sonnen transitions to his back. Evans capitalizes on this and moves into full mount.

[4:05] minute: Evans lays some for heavy blows in full mount. Sonnen moves to his stomach. Evans has both hooks on the back and start hammering punches to the head of Sonnen. Herb Dean steps in and calls the fight. Rashad Evans wins by TKO (punches)


Fight write up:

This was an interesting match up for sure. I was surprised at how dominant Rashad Evans wrestling was and had no problem controlling Chael and finished him quite easily. I think Chael is undersized in the Light-Heavyweight division and will be more successful in the middleweight division.




Georges St. Pierre vs Johny Hendricks @ UFC 167 (MMA)

Welterweight Championship bout (170lbs)

[0:15] seconds: GSP throws a couple good jabs and a leg kick. Hendricks comes forward with a punching combo. GSP ducks under and shoots for the double leg takedown and completes it.

[0:30] seconds: GSP attacks a guillotine on Hendricks. Hendricks gets out and the two get to there feet GSP lands some knees to the thigh of Hendricks.

1:30 minute: GSP and Hendricks are broken up from the clinch for lack of activity. GSP shoots for a single leg. Hendricks defends well my landing some heavy uppercuts to GSP's head.

1:50 minute: GSP has Hendricks up against the cage again goes for the single leg. Hendrcks defends and land more hard uppercut shots to GSP's face.

[2:30] minute: Hendricks reverses the position and puts GSP on the cage and takes GSP down with a double leg takedown finishing in top position.

[2:45] minute: GSP stands back up Hendricks lands some knees and goes for the take down again. GSP defends but is still being pressed up against the cage.

[3:30] minute: Both fighters move from the cage and reset in the middle of the octagon. GSP lands a good jab, cross to Hendricks face and also lands a straight front kick to the body and a high kick to the head.

[4:00] minute: Both fighters clinch in the middle of the octagon both exchanging knees. Hendricks starts to force his wrestling and moves GSP back.

[4:30] minute: They break again and reset. Both fighters land leg kicks on one another and GSP goes for the body with a front kick and a cross. Hendricks also counter with a good left hook which lands.

1st round summary:

Very close fight both fighters each had a takedown in the round but in the significant strikes department Hendricks had more shots than GSP. But GSP was landing more jabs and body shots than Hendricks. Hendricks landed most of his shots in the clinch with some heavy uppercuts. I give the round to Hendricks.

[0:50] seconds: GSP opens early landing some good jabs and leg kicks. Hendricks explodes forward with a combination and lands a left hook on GSP that definitely hurt him he looks like he has a little bit of the jelly legs. Hendricks clinches and throws some heavy uppercuts that land.

1:30 minute: Hendricks counters GSP with a three punch combo that lands a big right hook on GSP's face. Hendricks engages and clinches GSP against the cage and lands a barrage of knee's to GSP's leg.

[2:00] minute: GSP is able to get out of the clinch and reset in the middle of the octagon. GSP lands a good left hook followed by a straight jab that lands.

[2:45] minute: GSP land 3 jabs in a row. It looks like he is starting to find his range and also land a body front kick.

[3:20] minute: GSP lands a good straight right to Hendricks face.

[3:40]: GSP is able to land another good jab on Hendricks chin as he steps in.

[4:00] minute: GSP lands with a head kick. The total strikes landed so far in the rounds are very close.

[4:30]: GSP lands another jab and body kick. Hendricks follows up with a jab of his own. Hendricks comes forward with punches. GSP counters with a straight right that lands flush.

2nd round summary:

Another close round again. Hendricks came out strong at the beginning of the round peppering GSP with shots that may have almost dropped him. But GSP was able to recover and dictate the striking and in my opinion edged out Hendricks to take the second round.

[0:30] seconds: GSP lands a big leg kick on Hendricks which stumbles him for a second but Hendricks comes right back and lands a good knee on GSP.

1:00 minute: GSP land a good left hook counter and a front kick to the body. Hendricks responds with a right hook that lands over the top of GSP's guard. GSP lands two more counters on Hendricks both being the left hook. It seems to be working well for GSP.

[1:30] minute: GSP lands again with the left hook followed by a counter right hand that lands on the temple as Hendricks tries to evade.

[1:50] minute: GSP is starting to counter a lot of hendricks shots effectively he is finding a home with that left hook. Punches landed to this point has GSP at 50 and Hendricks at 48.

[2:30] minute: GSP lands a good jab to the body cross to the face.

[3:00] minute: GSP lands again with a body head combination.

[3:30] minute: Hendricks lands a hook but GSP fires back with a superman punch that lands.

[4:00] minute: Hendricks ducks under a punch combo of GSP and lands an uppercut to the body.

[4:30] minute: Hendricks presses GSP up against the cage and shoots for single and successfully takes GSP down.

[4:50] minute: GSP explodes back to his feet. Round ends.

3rd round summary:

This round GSP was out striking Hendricks for sure and quite significantly. This in my opinion was GSP's most comfortable round. Hendricks was able to secure a takedown. But was not able to land any ground and pound and GSP was able to get back to his feet. I have round 3 for GSP.

[1:00] minute: Both are landing leg kicks. GSP lands another good left hook over the guard of Hendricks.

[1:10] minute: Hendricks comes forward. It looks like GSP slips and falls onto his back and Hendricks lands right in his guard.

2:00 minute: Hendricks in GSP's guard is landing some effective ground and pound working the body and head.

[2:20] minute: GSP gets his feet on Hendricks hips and pushes away Hendricks allows GSP to get back to his feet.

[2:50] minute: GSP lands a left hook but Hendricks comes right back with to left hands and a uppercut which land flush.

3:00 minute: Hendricks lands another left hand and uppercut. GSP's face is looking all cut up and swollen. Hendricks packs a lot of power in his shots.

[4:00] minute: GSP clinches Hendricks but Hendricks reverses the position putting GSP against the cage. Hendricks goes the the takedown but GSP is able to defend and sprawl where he has Hendricks in a front headlock. Hendricks pulls his head out and GSP has him against the cage.

[4:30] minute: Again Hendricks is able to reverse GSP back against the cage. Hendricks is a very strong human being.

4th round summary:

This round told a different story as Hendricks dominated the round with powerful ground and pound. GSP did not look threatening in this round. At the moment I have this scored at 2 rounds a piece final round will be the decider.

[0:30] seconds: GSP shoots for single leg. But Hendricks shows incredible balance and is able to land some left uppercuts while hopping on one leg.

[1:00] minute: Hendricks defends the takedown superbly and reverses GSP up against the cage.

[1:30] minute: GSP goes for a standing kimura but Hendricks muscles out of it. They reset and GSP lands a clean jab, cross.

[1:45] minute: GSP lands another jab, cross followed by a body kick and a takedown.

[2:30] minute: Hendricks is able to get back to his feet with his back against the cage. Hendricks brute force reverses the position and puts GSP up against the cage.

[3:00] minute: GSP reverses Hendricks back against the cage and lands a knee to the leg. Hendricks puts GSP back on the cage again!

[3:10] minute: Mario Yamasaki steps in and reset them in the middle of the octagon.

[3:30] minute: GSP is able to land a right high kick to Hendricks but he comes right back with a straight left of his own.

[4:20] minute: GSP shoots for the takedown pressing Hendricks up against the cage. He attacks the single and get Hendricks down. Hendricks pops right back up as GSP attacks the single again against the cage.

[4:40] minute: Hendricks reverses the position and puts GSP up against the cage again.

5th round summary:

Another very close round. Hendricks came out strong again but in my opinion was not able to do enough to win the round. GSP was desperate to get a takedown which he did. And for me was the deciding factor in the 5th round. Obviously Hendricks was able to do way more damage to GSP's face but that isn't the indicator on deciding fights. You have to dethrone the champ significantly and after looking back at this I have GSP slightly edging Hendricks 3 rounds to 2.








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