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UFC 168: Post fight discussion

If you haven't read it:  UFC 168: Weidman vs. Silva II – Live Play-by-Play

Chris Lebben vs Uriah Hall

"No mas, No mas" -Roberto Duran.

Chris Lebben surrendered in between rounds and told the referee, doctor and his team that he was done.  Lebben barely made it to his corner after being saved by the bell from a nasty grounding and pounding he took at the end of the first.  Lebben wisely decided to not come out for the second.

This may spell the end of Lebben in the UFC, after his last fight president Dana White admitted that Lebben's future in the UFC was uncertain and that Dana himself was worried about the long-term health of Lebben with as much punishment as he takes in every fight, but also worried that without a job at the UFC Lebben might revert back to his self-destructive patterns.

Josh Barnett vs Travis Browne

A veteran of former champion of the UFC, Pride fighter, and pretty much world traveling ass kicker Josh Barnett at 36yrl returns making a run at the UFC tittle.  The nightmare of every well seasoned veteran trying to breath new life into his career is to be tossed in the right with an up and coming fighter on his way to fame.

Barnett had it in his mind to take Travis down and worked on it from the first minute of the fight, he caught  a nasty knee that cut him while lowering his level to search for that takedown.  Leaning against the cage trying to gather himself the veteran Barnett fell victim to the never ending evolution of MMA, a newly refined technique he never encountered before, very effective elbows to the ear from the fighter with his back against the cage. The slow mo replay showed Travis executing these elbows with perfect body motion, ending the fight by KO in the first round.

Glaison Tibao  vs  Michael Johnson

From the back row in the arena you could hear the crackling sounds in the air from the gloves of these two men striking flesh. Not an uncommon sound during a UFC fight, just uncommon to hear so may power punches so early on in  fight. Both fighters obviously  convicted in their ability to knock the other one out, they put starch into every punch real early.

The first round ended with almost dead-even punch statistic numbers, the second round started about the same but ended quite earl at [1:32] winner Michael Johnson by KO.

Jim Miller vs. Camoes

The matchup of orthodox vs south paw striker delivered the slugfest that was to be expected from these two heavy-handed strikers.   The fight went to the ground during the middle of the first round and it didn't lst long there, Jim Miller ended the fight at [3:22] of the first round winner by Armbar.

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