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UFC 168: Weidman vs. Silva II – Live Play-by-Play

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jim miller fabricio camoes



Jim Miller (22-4, 1 NC) vs. Fabricio Camoes (14-7-1)

*prediction: Jim Miller Wins

Round 1:  @[4:47] they dance in the ring feeling out, @[4:40] good low kick by Fabricio, @[4:16] they clinch,Fabricio in control, [0:06] they break, @[3:55] good right hand by Fabricio - good short punches by Jim, @[3:40] high kick stuffed by Jim, @[3:20] they brawl a bit and connect, @[3:10] low kick by Fabricio, @[2:50] low kick by Jim, take down by Jim @ [2:42], [2:34] Fabricio up and Fabricio on top, @[2:18] Jim pulls guard, @[1:45] Fabricio does GnP with elbows, @[1:34] Jim looks for armbar, not working, @[1:20] Fabricio TAPS OUT, Jim Miller WINS via Armbar Submission

WINNER:  Jim Miller via Armbar submission


josh barnett travis browne



Travis Browne (15-1-1) vs. Josh Barnett (33-6)

*prediction: Josh Barnett Wins

Round 1: @[4:52] Josh with a good low kick, @[4:39] they clinch against the cage, now back in the middle, @[4:12] Josh tries to clinch again, Travis stuffs it, they are against the cage @[4:02] Josh Barnett knocked out with elbows while trying to clinch Travis Browne against the cage

WINNER: Travis Browne by TKO


ronda rousey miesha tate



Ronda Rousey (7-0) vs. Miesha Tate (13-4)

*prediction: Ronda Rousey Wins

Round 1: @4:56 they come out swinging, @4:43 Ronda attempts takedown, @4:36 they are back up against the cage, Ronda in control, @4:13 still against the cage, @4:02 Miesha on her back, @3:33 Miesha take down on top, @3:19 Miesha on top , Ronda trying armbar, @3:03 Ronda has Miesha in a deep guard, has her arm again, @2:40 Ronda attempting a triangle, @2:28 Miesha can't get out of Rondas guard, @2:09 Ronda setting up triangle, @2:02 Miesha out of the lock, @1:56 they box hard, they really brawling, @1:42 Miesha taken down by Ronda again with the Judo sweep, @1:30 Ronda on top attempting a choke, @1:13 Miesha reverses she's on top, they get up, @1:00 Miesha tries takedown, Ronda reverses, she's on top, @[0:48] Ronda on top half guard, @[0:33] they stand up and start clinching again, @[0:10] they clinch against the cage.

Round 2: @[4:56] they come out swinging again, @[4:49] Miesha on her back doing upkicks, @[4:28] again Ronda with the Judo throws Miesha over her hip, @[4:19] Ronda on top, @[4:00] Ronda attempts takedown, Ronda on top, @[3:32] Miesha up against the cage, @[3:10] they clinch against the cage, @[2:52] Ronda knees Miesha when they are at the cage, @[2:34] Ronda throws Miesha again, Ronda on top, @[2:13] Miesha looking for armbar, amazing reversal, lost position, @[1:49] Ronda on top full guard, @[1:33] Armbar attempt by Ronda, @[1:17] Miesha fights armbar, reversed, amazing, great defense by Miesha, @[0:49] reverse triangle attempt by Ronda, @[0:32] Miesha stepping over the reverse triangle, @[0:10] Miesha in a triangle Ronda cannot finish.

Round 3: @[4:49] they clinch against the fence, Ronda in control, @[4:18] takedowna attempt, Ronda attempting armbar and winner by Armbar again Ronda Rousey.

WINNER: Ronda Rousey by Armbar


chris weidman anderson silva



Chris Weidman (10-0) vs. Anderson Silva (33-5)

*prediction: Anderson Silva Wins

Round 1: @[4:55] Anderson comes out strong hands up, @[4:25] Chris gets a takedown, they are against the cage, @[4:10] Anderson back up to feet , big knee by Anderson, @[3:54] they clinch against the cage, @[3:40] Chris on top almost knocked out Anderson, Anderson got rocked badly (almost knocked out), @[3:20] Chris on top, @[3:02] elbows from top by Chris, @[2:50] Chris on top in Andersons guard, @[2:20] Chris on top pushing for a can opener to open the guard, good elbow by Chris, @[2:03] good elbows by Chris from the top @[1:30] Chris on top dominating, @[1:05] short punch by Chris from the top, @[0:10] Silva on his back, big shot at the end of the round by Chris.  Total domination by Chris Weidman.

Round 2: @4:43 good low kick by Anderson, @4:20 high kick my Chris checked, @3:45 Anderson kicks and hurts his leg, looks like he broke his leg. Anderson breaks his leg on a log kick checked by Chris's knee.


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