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Usain Bolt And Jenny Meadows Unhappy With Athletics Doping Scandals

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt has expressed his unhappiness with athletics doping scandals ahead of the World Championships.

Usain Bolt

Bolt remarked it is sad to learn that doping allegations are taken the center stage and all he is hearing over the past couple of weeks is just doping. Widely regarded as the fastest person ever, Bolt said it is sad that doping is at the forefront of a World Championship and not about the competition that is coming up ahead. The sprinter also added he is in pretty good shape and would beat his twice banned rival Justin Gatlin at the World Championships. Bolt, who is making a return to the Bird’s Nest stadium, where he shocked the world at the 2008 Olympics by winning gold in the 100m and 200m, said he is at his best and happy with where he is at.

Bolt, who is perhaps second favorite for the first time since his emergence in 2008, said it cannot really do anything about athletes who are banned for doping getting back into the field. Referring to Gatlin, Bolt said the rules are there and the rules are there for a reason, if the rules say he can get banned and he can get back in the sport, he will accept it.

In another development, British 800m runner Jenny Meadows has admitted she felt very 'demoralized" over the present doping crisis. The 34-year-old from Wigan said she has doubts whether she is racing on a level playing field and remarked you can suspect a couple of people in your event and it's turned out that you have been right. During her career, Meadows has been affected by many doping cheats and received her 2011 European Indoor Championships gold medal after the event when Yevgeniya Zinurova from Russia was banned for urine sample tampering. Meadows added she believes she has been cheated out of at least three medals. Meadows missed out on a place in the 800m final at the World Championships in Daegu to see two Russian athletes in that final, Ekaterina Kostetskaya and Yuliya Rusanova, since serve doping bans. The British sprinter said it is very annoying and I am very, very proud of my athletics career, but a lot of those performances and races could have been a lot different. The British 800m runner added it could have quite a different record of achievement to what she have had and it totally would have taken her to a different level of athlete.

Athletics has been fighting a lone battle against doping allegations. A few weeks back, Britain's Sunday Times claimed the world governing body of athletics blocked publication of a study from the University of Tubingen in Germany that revealed as many as a third of the world's top athletes admitted violating anti-doping rules. It was concluded by the study that 29-34 percent of the 1,800 competitors at the 2011 World Championships had violated anti-doping rules in the previous 12 months; this finding was disputed by the IAAF.

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