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Use HCGenerate (N2Generate) in PCT or big crash!



Welcome to another Evolutionary.org UG Supplements episode #5. In this show, Steve and Mobster talk about how to use Hcgenerate (N2generate) in PCT, or else a big crash is coming!

A huge mistake people are making is they are just using SERMs and AIs during PCT and missing out on a huge piece of the puzzle.  Although N2generate can be used at any time, in this podcast the guys are going to focus specifically on PCT, where this product can be a life saver.

Why N2bm is quality

Steve starts this segment off by saying he has been using N2bm products since at least 2009 and the company has been around for about 15 years.  The guys who founded the company wanted to cater to those who use anabolic steroids, including gym rats and professional bodybuilders.  They came up with supplements that guys and gals could use not just on cycle, but also during pct, bridge, and off cycle to help you keep more muscle/strength and keep less fat.  They've also continued to tweak their supplements to improve them while also keeping them affordable for the average Joe.

One of the tweaks that was done a few years ago was to change the name of Hcgenerate to N2generate. This was done to satisfy credit card processors who were concerned with the HCG in the name.  However, the formula has always been the same or better.

Mobster starts by saying he loves N2bm and they have the best supplements on the market. These products are formulated to work synergistically to give you the best results and blow away anything else on the market. It would cost you a fortune to buy each ingredient individually, so you save a lot of money buying these all 1 products.

The science of the HPTA and PCT

Steve explains in this next segment what happens when you use anabolic steroids and then transition to PCT (post-cycle therapy).

When you use anabolic steroids, your pituitary glands will react to exogenous hormones by going dormant, which means it will stop producing hormones sending your LH and FSH plummeting to 0. This is referred to as being shutdown or suppressed, because your body has no reason to continue to produce its own testosterone if it is getting an excessive amount of hormones exogenously.  The Leydig cells (testes) no longer are getting fed hormones and that is why your balls will shrink on cycle.

Steve explains if you run steroids for 10 weeks, the exogenous hormones can continue to suppress you for several more weeks after, due to esters.  Certain steroid esters can take 6-8 weeks to clear your system, and until that happens your body will not begin to recover. One of the big mistakes guys make is they run their PCT too short, so by the time they come off of it that is when the crash happens, where your body is not producing its hormones nor are the exogenous hormones still in your system.  Now you see why many guys quit on PCT and opt to go on TRT for life, they are mismanaging PCT!

Another big mistake guys make is they only use SERMs (typically Nolva and Clomid) without stacking in N2generate with it.  These Serm's ran alone come with nasty side effects including mood changes, depression, low libido, and loss of erections.  A smarter choice is using N2generate alongside your SERMs in PCT to make you feel motivated and good, so you do not quit the gym.


Ingredients in N2generate

Steve and Mobster talk about the amazing ingredients in N2generate in this next segment.

  1. Fadogia Agrestis 1000mgs. There is a reason testosterone boosters contain this supplement and it is because it works well. It has been used for centuries and studies have shown that it can help increase testicle size, boost libido, and boost erection strength. We also have studies that show a large boost in testosterone levels in both animals and humans.
  2. Fenugreek 1000mgs. This ingredient has a lot of benefits including helping your organs. An Australian study showed that men increased their libido by 25%. It also will help with muscle gains and strength improvements.
  3. 3,4 Divanil 500mgs. This one is good at binding to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). This is a great thing because it will allow you to build more muscle and strength, while also helping everything else run better as part of your PCT. Having high SHBG during PCT will hammer away at your gains but using this supplement will lead to the opposite happening.
  4. Tribulus terrestris 500mgs. In the bodybuilding world guys have been going crazy over this supplement for many years. However, getting high-quality Tribulus is crucial and makes all the difference in the world and that is what N2generate has. It has a lot of bodybuilding benefits, and in PCT it is great for strength, libido, and muscle gains.
  5. Vitamin E 30IU. This vitamin has been shown in a study to help boost fertility in men and it is a must use in PCT to help with the HPTA. It also helps prevent muscle wasting.
  6. LJ 100 Tonkat Ali 100mgs. This supplement helps with mood, performance, and testosterone levels. A study has shown that even young healthy men experienced a 14% boost in test levels and a 34% increase in free testosterone after just 2 weeks.
  7. Zinc 7mg. The bottom line is this supplement is needed in the body to produce testosterone. No Zinc= No Testosterone. Every high-quality testosterone booster should include Zinc for this reason.

Their own experiences with N2generate

Steve says his first couple of PCTs were a bit rough because he neglected to use N2generate with it.  He said that Clomid alone made him feel depressed and moody, while Nolvadex alone made his libido tank and made him feel weak in the gym.  Once he started to add N2generate to his PCT he started to feel normal again and was able to recover much easier.

Mobster says he does low-dose steroid cycles and recovers very well but he feels 100% better when he is including N2generate in PCT, especially when it comes to his libido.  On N2generate he says his balls do not shrink very much on cycle, and will bounce back quickly to full size during PCT.


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