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Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine HCl

EVO-Vitamin B6 - Pyridoxine HCl

Vitamin B6 - Pyridoxine HCl


Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl), is one of 8 vitamins of the "B" family. First discovered during the Great Depression, it has been studied for the past century to tap into all its benefits. Even though most people can get this vitamin from their diets, it still should be supplemented if you are a serious athlete. In fact, we know that those who are already deficient in other vitamins, usually come up short with B6 as well.

Role in the body

Did you know that Vitamin B6 is part of the functions of 150 different enzymes in the body? Without this, we won't be able to even digest all the fat, carbs, and protein an athlete consumes. Not only that, it also plays a large role in both our immune system and nervous system. We never even think about how important minerals are in the body because we are so used to eating whatever we want all the time. Many people simply eat just enough of the right things to get in their vitamins. The problem becomes when we workout or have vigorous exercise our body needs to be fed more to get maximum success.


Vitamin B6 - 150 different enzymes

Researchers have discovered there are amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to Vitamin B6 supplementation. Keep in mind this crucial vitamin is not produced by the body, so the only 2 ways to get enough of it is through diet and exercise.

Food that contains it

There are many foods that contain Vitamin B6. White meat like fish, chicken, and turkey contain a lot of it. For the non-meat eaters, eggs are a great source too. Those that are looking for non-animal sources can get their fair share from bread, whole grains, and vegetables.

EVO-Importance in health

Importance in health

Importance in health

We were taught as kids to eat our vegetables, and we all remember those funny tasting Flintstones vitamins our parents gave us. It turns out our parents may not have understood why it was so important to eat our veggies and vitamins, but they had the right intentions because there are serious problems associated with poor levels of Vitamin B6.

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms below? If so, you might have a deficiency you don't even realize!

      • High homocysteine levels: You can check this with blood work. This condition can lead to heart problems and memory loss as you age. It will also cause nerve and blood vessel damage.
      • Seizures: Now we aren't saying all people who get seizures automatically have a deficiency, however, there are some who get them directly because of low B6 levels. During the mid 20th century we saw babies with this problem because their parents fed them a formula that did not contain any Vitamin B6.
      • Pain and tingling in extremities: Shooting pain going into your feet and hands can happen if you have low B6. We have seen many athletes have their careers ended because of nerve damage that could have been lessened to a degree if they had made sure they were getting adequate Vitamin B6.
    • When you take iron from food or iron nanobeads, that iron becomes part of your hemoglobin and myoglobin.  Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen through your blood to tissues and organs, and myoglobin helps your muscles store oxygen.  Without both mechanisms in place, you will not be able to feed your muscles, repair them or grow them.   The best foods for iron are dark greens, beef, nuts, and beans.  Unfortunately, most people fall woefully short of getting enough iron in their diets due to the high amount of processed food eaten in the western diets. Read More.. 

      • Low energy: This is an obvious one and is due to how important Vitamin B6's role is in making hemoglobin. You might have a grandparent or dog who has anemia with this problem.
      • Immune system: Although we all think that Vitamin C is the only vitamin that has to do with immune health, low Vitamin B6 will lead to decreased antibodies.
      • Depression: Vitamin B6 helps make serotonin, gamma-aminobutyric acid, and other neurotransmitters. We also have seen a rise in autism where supplementing will help behavior. If you are female, taking this vitamin while you are on your menstrual cycle, will help balance your mental craziness (boyfriends take note).
      • Poor lip and tongue health: You can reverse swelling, soreness, or inflamed lips and tongue by supplementing B6.
EVO-Vitamin B6 supplementation

B6 - Importance in fitness

Importance in fitness

    • Energy: The #1 complaint people have. A lack of motivation because of low energy will prevent you from even getting off the couch to workout and exercise. Vitamin B6 is great for boosting energy levels because it regulates our dopamine and serotonin.
    • Morning dizziness: Have you ever woken up to go workout and felt dizzy or nauseous? Well by boosting Vitamin B6 researchers have found there was a reduction in that morning crappy feeling some of you feel.
    • Heart health: If you don't have a healthy heart, then don't expect to go anywhere in fitness at all. Those who use anabolics are at greater risk of having problems as they age. Research has shown that Vitamin B6 prevents artery and heart problems.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid is a substance that works in the body in many ways, but as it pertains to Need2Slin, it is a natural part of the production of energy in humans and does so without the use of stimulants. It also helps protect cells in the body, particularly the brain, because it is viewed as an antioxidant when it is available in an abundance. To be clear on what an antioxidant is, it is a molecule that prevents oxidation of other cells. This is important because oxidation, or the addition of an oxygen molecule to a human cell is dangerous and harmful. In the skin it can result in an aged look with more wrinkles but it muscles it can result in degradation and decreased recovery potential for other parts of the body oxidation can be even more dangerous. Alpha Lipoic Acid is the only antioxidant known that can make people healthy by outright removal of harmful toxins because it is both fat and water soluble. Read More.. 

    • Eye health and cancer: Antioxidant properties of vitamin B6 are wonderful on these fronts.
    • Inflammation: Vitamin B6 has been shown to greatly help with preventing arthritis. Many lifters will experience joint issues at some point so this is extremely important to keep you in the gym.

Side effects

Overdosing on Vitamin B6 isn't a smart idea. You can actually get a pretty bad stomach ache from too much, luckily anything in excess is typically excreted out of the body harmlessly.

EVO-Dosage-Vitamin B6

Dosage - Vitamin B6 10mgs per day


Just supplementing Vitamin B6 is not the best idea, because all vitamins and minerals work together inside the body for overall fitness, so I recommend buying a comprehensive supplemental stack. You should check labels before you purchase an all in 1 supplement to make sure it has the proper amount. We recommend around 10mgs per day for an athlete in conjunction with a proper diet.

The supplement industry is full of products that hide their ingredients to conceal how pathetic they are. Others are truthful about what's in them but they only contain 1 or 2 decent ingredients, with the rest just fluff to fill out the label. They then slap some juiced up meathead on the cover who is paid to tell you how good it is, then they jack up the price 10X what it is really worth. Read More..

Where to buy

Vitamin B6 is found at any vitamin shop or online. A product we recommend for serious athletes is Cardazol by BannedNutrition.com. Each serving contains 10mgs, the perfect amount of B6, as well as 2 dozen additional ingredients to make it your best all in 1 product. You can learn more about Cardazol at evolutionary.org and elitefitness.com.

EVO-Cardazol by BannedNutrition.com

Cardazol by BannedNutrition.com



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