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Vitamin B9 as Folic Acid


Vitamin-B9 - Folic Acid


Vitamin B9 as Folic Acid, or the naturally occurring form of B9 called Folate, is one of 8 members of the "B" family of vitamins.  It is water soluble, meaning it will dissolve in water, and also it will be carried to the tissues of our body but not stored.  The difference between folate and folic acid are simple in that folate is found in foods, but folic acid is supplemented.

Folate comes from "folium" which is Latin for 'leaf'.  As you will find out later in this article leafy vegetables are a great way to get Vitamin B9.  Another fact to impress your friends is that Vitamin B9 in its active form is technically a type of folate called levomefolic acid.  When you digest food, this acid gets converted before going into the bloodstream.

Folic acid, as mentioned, is a synthetic version of Vitamin B9 which is only found in supplements or processed foods like cereal.

Although it is up for debate, researchers now believe that BOTH forms are almost as effective as the other.  The only difference is the Folic Acid version of Vitamin B9 takes longer to be metabolized.   The end conclusion was you should be getting BOTH for best results.


Vitamin B9 - Longer Metabolized

Role in the body

Vitamin B9 is essential because it is needed for the body to function correctly.   There are 4 main roles it has:

    • Assists in new protein formation: We know protein is the building blocks of our muscles and so much more in the body.  You simply will not get stronger or build quality muscle mass without this crucial vitamin.
    • Boosting red blood cell circulation and production: Red blood cells (RBC) are very important especially for athletes.  You can run blood work and see how you shape up.  If you have poor red blood cells circulating you will have a tougher time with endurance, and when you have a hard time producing them then good luck improving your endurance going forward.

Vitamin B12 is one of the most popular and widely used of all the supplements in the industry today. We have heard of its use for all sorts of reasons, from energy and carbohydrate metabolism to general health and increase in appetite, Vitamin B12 has helped a large percentage of supplement believers. However, something we don't think of when we are measuring our grams of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and calories is how supplements like Vitamin B12 can help us as bodybuilders. The macronutrients are easily tracked and can be taken in at the right levels regularly but micronutrients such as Vitamin B12 can be tougher and therefore must be supplemented. Read More..

    • Boosting vitamin B12 and vitamin C in our body: You may not be aware but neglecting 1 vitamin and just worrying about another will have a ripple effect.  This is a huge mistake I see people make.  You must make sure your Vitamin B9 intake is solid or you will suffer getting B12 and C vitamins, they are all connected!
    • Metabolizing amino acids as an enzyme: To take better advantage of the amino acids found in your food you need to have ample Vitamin B9.

It also is important during pregnancy, because it prevents tube defects, that is why it is so popular with prenatal care.

EVO-Vitamin B9 - vegetables

Vitamin B9 - fruits and vegetables

Food that contains it

The best ways to get Vitamin B9 are going to be fruits and vegetables.  Specifically green vegetables like lettuce, spinach, beans, and asparagus.  Citrus fruits and whole grains also contain a liberal amount.

Importance in health

When it comes to DNA formation and cell growth Vitamin B9 is crucial.   Those with deficiencies run the risk of having high homocysteine levels, which can lead to major heart problems like stroke.  We also have found out that low levels can increase your chances of different types of cancer.

Some of the other factors of low levels can include depression, memory issues, and birth defects like low birth weight.

Dicaffeine Malate, also called Infinergy, was developed by a supplement research firm by combining roughly 75% caffeine with 25% malice acid by molecular weight. It is a compound that is stacked into supplement formulas due to its fitness and health benefits. We will take a closer look at this interesting supplement in this article and answer all your questions on it. Read More..

Importance in fitness

Similar to the other "B vitamins" you can expect to have super low energy without Vitamin B9.  You will find it more difficult to get up in the morning, have a strong workout, and then feel energetic after.  We see examples of people in the gym who struggle with energy begin depending on energy drinks and caffeine to make it through their workouts.  Unfortunately, they are making a mistake, because your neurotransmitters that are not getting fired off due to a deficiency of the vitamin, will actually suffer more from stimulant use.  It becomes a chronic issue especially as a person gets older.

EVO-heart disease skyrocket

Athletes - Supplementing Vitamin B9

The next major issue is heart health.  We know without a doubt when you use anabolics your chances of heart disease skyrocket up, this is why we cycle on and off properly to give the body a huge break.  However, many of us will notice our heart health just cannot overcome the stress on our bodies so using a strong support supplement which contains Vitamin B9 is important.

Finally, female athletes should be supplementing Vitamin B9 for the reasons above, but also in case one day they do have children.  Why?  Because we know this vitamin helps support the fetus and placenta.

Side effects

When used at a proper dosage there are zero side effects associated with Vitamin B9.  If you do happen to overdose on it the good news is the body will excrete anything it doesn't need.  Those who suffer from anemia, however, can have high supplemental use of this vitamin mask problems, so it is recommended you stick to the right dosage.


B9-dosage - 100-200mcgs per day


In conjunction with proper diet, you should aim to supplement between 100-200mcgs per day of quality Vitamin B9.

The supplement industry is full of products that hide their ingredients to conceal how pathetic they are. Others are truthful about what's in them but they only contain 1 or 2 decent ingredients, with the rest just fluff to fill out the label. They then slap some juiced up meathead on the cover who is paid to tell you how good it is, then they jack up the price 10X what it is really worth. Read More..

Where to buy

Vitamin B9 can be purchased anywhere that sells common supplements.  Rather than purchase 25 different supplements separately it makes much more sense to find something that saves you that headache. Hence, Vitamin B9 is one of the more than 2 dozen ingredients of Cardazol from bannednutrition.com.  The all in 1 formula contains 200mcg of B9, plenty to work its magic for you.


BUY Cardazol by BannedNutrition



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