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What is Fadogia Agrestis?

If you are a serious athlete and you are committed to your physique, there is a good chance you’ve done steroids in the past or are doing them now. If you have dabbled in the steroid market you have likely heard of the flowering plant known as fadogia agrestis, and this is because it is the only natural ingredient that works very close to the way Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) does.  As you may already know, HCG is commonly used to keep testicles from shrinking during a steroid cycle, or to recover them by reversing existing atrophy.

fadogia agrestis plant

Fig 1. Fadogia Agrestis

At first glance, fadogia agrestis is a gorgeous plant with green leaves and yellow flowers that look similar to citrus flowers.  It is mostly found in flower patches stretching across the tropical areas of Africa, specifically Angola, Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Central African Republic.  Since its effects have been observed on both animals and humans, it has been used for centuries in folk medicine.  The knowledge about its powers has been passed down the generations in these ancient countries, and only just recently has it been introduced into the world of fitness and supplementation here in the modern West.

Although it had been known for ages, our recent rediscovery of Fadogia comes from research on animals that have convincingly shown that fadogia increases mating behaviors and increases testicle size.  In blood tests, the animals showed a clear 200% increase in the male hormone testosterone.

In real life applications the research seem to hold true, a simple search on a fadogia-containing product like HCGenerate will yield hundreds of thousands of reviews and results by many bodybuilders and athletes on message boards.  The consensus is almost 100% that the steroid users have reported increased libido, fuller testicles, and an overall sense of well being.  These reports about the effect fadogia agrestis’ is having on all of its users coincides with what scientists showed in the lab. A formula with other natural ingredient like HCGenerate that contains fadogia agrestis, along with other proven herbs, seems to be the best way to take this herb. (HCGenerate contains: Fadogia Agrestis, Fenugreek, Tribulus Terrestre, Stinging Nettle Extract, Tong Kat Ali, Vitamin E and zinc).


Fig 2. HCGenerate (fadogia agrestis ingredient)

There are many ways to use fadogia to your advantage as an athlete in competition, a bodybuilder just trying to look good, or a playboy “Gym God”, needing extra lead in his pencil. A good strategy for using fadogia agrestis that seems to work for everybody is to run it while on a steroid cycle to keep testicles from ever shrinking to begin with, as opposed to just using it in PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) after the damage has been done. Using a product like HCGenerate that contains fadogia agrestis during your steroid cycle will help you keep your testicles plump and keep libido strong, even during a time of hormonal fluctuations, such as happens during cycle.

The use of fadogia helps override the HTPA’s natural tendency to shut down testosterone production in your testicles during times when you have high levels of androgens and estrogen in your body, like while on a steroid cycle.   The HTPA shuts down when your pituitary gland stop producing LH and FHS as a response to the high levels of synthetic hormones on your body.  Without enough levels of LH and FHS in your body, your testicles will not receive the needed stimuli to start up testosterone production.

The way fadogia agrestis affects the body, seems to completely highjack the body’s own mechanism and keep it from shutting down LH and FHS production during a cycle.  This is true no matter how high your androgen doses are and how much estrogen is being produced as a result.  Since your pituitary gland continues to make normal to optimal amounts of LH and FSH, the Leydig cells in your testicles continue to receive the signal to take in cholesterol from your blood and use it as the granite from which testosterone molecules will be chiseled and cleaved out of.  The studies on animals showed that, after being finally dissected, the rats taking fadogia agrestis extract had increased amount of cholesterol in their testicles, the main reason for the testicular size increase.  Therefore, by actually increasing levels of LH and FSH during cycle, these will stimulate the Leydig cells into producing testosterone on their own, which makes post cycle therapy and ultimately recovery from your steroid cycle much easier.

Unless you are taking prescription HCG or the supplement HCGenerate that contains fadogia agrestis, you will notice your testicles shrink during your steroid cycle.  As explained earlier, this is normal because your own body’s testosterone production becomes suppressed.  All over the bodybuilding forums, guys report that when they start taking fadogia, by the 3rd day they notice how quickly their testicles fill back up. This allows them to cut HPTA recovery time in half after a cycle and allow them to keep more of the muscle gains from a steroid cycle.

Fadogia Agrestis does not just benefit the steroid user who needs to keep his testicles from disappearing, it can also be used by natural guys who just want a boost without making compromises.  A fadogia agrestis-containing supplement like HCGenerate, that is strong enough to help a bodybuilder recover from cycle, will surely boost the natural levels of somebody who is not on any drugs.  Be sure to read this article about how fadogia agrestis and specifically HCGenerate can be used by guys whom are natural and just want a natural boost:


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