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What is Yohimflame?

yohimflame ex N2BM.comThe two main ingredients in Yohimflame EX are Yohimbine and Alpha-Yohimbe.   When used topically, Yohimbe has been shown to substantially increase lipolysis, also known as fat burning.  The topical use of Yohimbe takes effect at both a local level on the area applieed and to a lesser extent, systemically (all over the body).

YohimFlame delivers a concentrated dose of yohimbine and Alpha-Yohimbe, along with other active and  powerful fat burning compounds, directly to the area of application.  When applied topically, the fat cells underneath the skin receive concentrations of these ingredients that could never be possible by ingesting the same compounds.

Topically applied Yohimbine and Alpha-Yohimbe work best to reduce the size of "stubborn fat” areas, like the obliques, arms and chest areas. These areas are commonly known as "stubborn fat” deposits, and are a result of our very own genetic code and continued exposure to Estrogen, which can happen due to both natural and environmental factors.

The way that Estrogen builds up these unwanted “stubborn fatty” deposits, is first,  by increasing the total number of Alpha2 Adrenoceptors.  Then, by activating these same receptors, which in turn inhibits fat burning.  So not only does Estrogen act as a signal carried telling these receptors to STOP burning fat, but it also increases the total number of receptors as well.  This  is a very bad scenario for any athlete looking to shred down bodyfat to single digit numbers.

One of your body's best fat utilization agents is called norepinephrine (noradrenaline),  also known as NA – Oradrenaline will bind to the alpha2 adrenoceptor,  which causes a negative feedback loop. NA affects this loop by triggering the Alpha 2 adrenergic receptor, which will in turn inhibit the release of the very same Norepinephrine that is activating it.   To put it in simple terms, when NA activates this alpha2 adrenoceptor it produces a signal in the cells to “STOP” all the fat burning, but when yohimbine is available in the body, it too will attach to the Alpha 2 adrenergic receptor, however it does NOT send a signal.  Instead,  Yohimbe will act as a dud by basically blocking the Alpha2 andrenoceptor, thus allowing norepinephrine to roam free and NOT be taken up by this receptor and other adrenergics to utilize the stored fatty acids for fuel to be burned during your cardio sessions.

yohimbine chemical structure

Fig 1. Yohimbine Chemical Structure

While you might already know that yohimbine is not an anti-estrogen product, it's effect on the Alpha2 adrenoceptor causes the signaling of the cells to release (burning) fatty acids stored in these estrogenic fat pockets. YohimFlame helps the mobilization of fat directly  out of these fatty pockets and into the bloodstream for uptake.  YohimFlame hijacks the fat burning system directly at the wanted site, making it very easy for you to burn fatty storage that would otherwise prove almost impossible to target with any diet or exercise.

For women looking for the ultimate fat burner, YohimFlame is the most most effective topical product for buttocks, thighs/hamstrings, hips and arms (though use is not limited to these areas)- the results from using YohimFlame tend to be a lot more noticeable in women, since women have more of these receptors due to  exposure to higher estrogen levels throughout their life...

In male Bodybuilders, the common areas of stubborn fatty deposits vary more but can typically be the : love handles/lower back , chest, triceps, buttocks and thighs-  In men with fatty deposit patterns that are highly estrogenic (female fat storage pattern), YohimFlame will be noticeably effective at any body fat level. Men who display heavy female pattern  fatty deposits will most likely have higher contradiction of the Alpha2 andrenoceptor, thus YohimFlame should be very helpful in those areas.

YohimFlame is the  true spot-reduction of fat. Targeted fat reduction is just not possible via exercise, and even ingesting drugs for this purpose is not feasible in humans, but targeting the Alpha2 andrenoceptor, via spot utilization of Yohimbe and Alpha-yohimbe will make receptor blocking a reality,

YohimFlame stacks well with Liquidex AI for fatty nipples in men, or N2Burn for general fat loss.

Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, IPM, Yohimbine, Alpha-Yohimbe, 7-Keto-DHEA, Synephrine, Caffeine, Raspberry Ketones.


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Albert Wolfgang is a professional medical writer with over 20 years of experience. He hold multiple personal training certifications, including the coveted NASM and AFAA certificates. He graduated with honors with a B.S. and M.S. in biochemistry with a minor in physical studies. Albert and his team have trained over 100 IFBB professional bodybuilders, including Hollywood stars and many up and coming fitness stars.


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    When is the best time to use YohimFlame? How much caffeine is in 32 sprays?

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      Best time to use is in AM/Afternoon, don’t use at least 5 hours before bed due to the stimulant effect.

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