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Which Oral Steroids with HGH? by Para Pharma

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Welcome to another episode of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0. In episode #37, Steve and Mobster go over their favorite oral steroids with HGH from Para Pharma!  They first go over why Para Pharma is such a popular brand.  Then they talk about HGH and what amazing benefits it can give you. They talk about how to use oral steroids and HGH together for great results in a stack for bulking, recomping, and cutting.  Finally, they give you some tips and advice that nobody else out there is talking about.

Why Para Pharma

Steve starts the podcast by stating that he remembers when real HGH was impossible to find and people were forced to buy inferior quality and run it at high dosages just to see anything out of it.  Luckily, Para Pharma now is around and they provide a high-quality HGH option where you don't have to worry if you are wasting your money or not.

Mobster says that Para Pharma has been around for over 12 years. They have certificates of analysis and they also have user experience and bloodwork posted all over different forums. This is why they have a 99% rate of return on their customers, meaning people who use Para Pharma trust them enough to keep using them over and over.

The bottom line is their orals and HGH are rock solid and real.  When you buy either you know you're getting the properly dosed amount and the actual product that you're buying.


Steve starts this segment by talking about HGH.   Human growth hormone is naturally produced in our body but will start dropping as we age very rapidly. This is one of the reasons that we have a harder time recovering and repairing injuries after our brutal workouts as we get older. The idea behind using HGH is to give us that pulse of growth hormone that our body is not giving us to help with anti-aging.

The benefits of HGH are:

Better and deeper sleep

more fat loss

more metabolism

better skin and immune system

better libido

more energy

more endurance and performance with Athletics

faster recovery

improved lipid health

As you can see these, benefits are much different and in some ways, complement steroid use well.

The nice thing about HGH is, depending on your dosage, you can expect very little to no side effects if you run it at 2.5iu's or less.  If you run it higher there are some side effects to watch out for including:

carpal tunnel syndrome

excessive sleepiness


joint pain

initial water retention

Finally, the guys explain that the nice thing about using Para Pharma is you won't be paying crazy prices to get ripped off at some anti-aging clinic.  You can buy a kit of Paratropin 100IU HGH for less than a car payment.  Best of all? You know this HGH is real and dosed properly!


Using HGH in a stack

The guys explain that HGH should be run for a minimum of 3 months to get the best benefits. This means you will not be able to run oral steroids for that long.  So you need to decide on your game plan.  A simple strategy is to start your HGH for a month or two then stack in your oral steroid during it, then continue the HGH further.  Of course, you can choose to start them together at the same time so there is no rule to this.

The best dosage of HGH is going to be 1-2.5IU's per day.  The average is around 2IU's per day.  Some people will go higher, but as mentioned earlier, expect side effects if you run it more because Para Pharma HGH is potent.

Best bulking oral steroids with HGH

Mobster starts this segment out with the most popular oral steroid of all time and that is Dianabol.  During the 70's Golden Age guys loved using it, especially during the offseason when they wanted to bulk up muscle mass and strength.  He recommends using Para Pharma Dbol 50mgs max per day, with an average dose of 30mgs for 8 weeks.

Steve says Para Pharma Anadrol is his favorite bulking oral because it is structured so well.  Not only is it a DHT derivative but it also is great for bulking at the same time which is rare.  He likes 25-50mgs for  4-5 weeks.

Both the guys recommend around 2-3IU's per day of Para Pharma HGH.

Best recomping oral steroids with HGH

Mobster's favorite oral steroid for recomping is Para Pharma Anavar because it has good fat-burning properties, while also being great for lean muscle mass and strength training.  He likes 50mgs for 6-8 weeks.

Steve says Para Pharma Superdrol is great for those who are impatient and want fast results.  Only 10-30mgs a day is all you need for 3-4 weeks.  But he warns the side effects are brutal with this one.

Steve also gives the opposite advice on Proviron which will not give you very many side effects. However, don't expect many benefits either.  You can do 50mgs a day for 8 weeks.

2.5IU's Para Pharma HGH is gonna be a good average dose with either.


Best-cutting oral steroids with HGH

Mobster says that Para Pharma Tbol is very underrated which is a shame cause it is a great oral steroid for cutting down.  He likes 40mgs a day for 8 weeks.

Steve says Para Pharma Winstrol is one of the most popular cutting orals on earth and is used by professionals and models. He likes 20-50mgs per day for 5-7 weeks.

In either scenario, you won't go wrong with 1-3IU's a day of Para Pharma HGH.

Tips and final advice

Steve says fresh organic fruits, veggies, and bone broth are his secrets to nutritious eating.  Bone broth is something people may have never tried before but they should.  He likes to buy grass-fed beef bones with lots of marrow in them, then he puts them in a crock pot with plain broth and cooks them for 36 hours.  He removes the bones and then adds in lots of vegetables to make it the most nutritious meal on earth.  It is full of vitamins, minerals, collagen, good fats, and good protein.  This keeps his body strong no matter what his goals are.

Mobster talks about Dexter Jackson and how he ate clean and tidy.  He says you can get positive results from steroids but the best results are from brutally hard workouts, proper cardio, and proper nutrition.


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