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Why 15ml vials better than 10ml – with Euro Pharma

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Welcome to Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 #73 - Why 15ml vials better than 10ml - with Euro Pharma.  In this episode, Steve and Mobster go over the history of how brands produce vials, talk about EP innovations, and go over the various 15ML options EP carries today and how to use those steroids.

History of how steroids presented

Mobster starts this segment by talking about the history of how steroids have been presented.  He says back in the day they were ampules that you would need to pop open and then draw the oil.  He says there were also steroids in jars and steroids in 10ML or less.  He also has seen vials that had a ton of MLs 50 or more.  In veterinary medicine, there were a lot more MLs including 500ML and 1000ML and they would use them in animals and switch out the needles every 10 injections or so.

Mobster says you can find examples online of infusions or drips depending on the purpose of use in the body whether it's medicinal, vet grade, or underground.  He also adds that Mexican gear has always been an example of manufacturing for economic purposes to keep the price the cheapest possible.


Why EP took this step forward

Euro Pharmacies now has 15ML vials vs. the common 10ML options. Mobster hasn't sat down with Euro Pharmacies to go over why they are moving this step forward to 15ML, but he has some ideas why they would do this.  A lot of it has to do with the ease of 2 15ML vials vs. 3 10ML vials being the same 30ML's.  He also says it will be less expensive to produce 15MLs which means they can pass the savings over to the consumer.

Steve says it's always a risk to try something new and he has seen underground labs try different things and lose all their customers.  Everything from changing the color of their orals, changing the color of the oils, changing the rubbers in the vials, and changing the pop-off toppers on the vials.  A little change can doom a brand if they aren't trusted.  It isn't just the case with steroids, but also with cars, software, food, and anything else we buy as consumers because people are scared of change and like their stuff the way it is.

Euro Pharmacies did a smart thing cause they gradually introduced them to see if they would sell and they did. So now they are offering 11+ options which he says they will go over later on.

Mobster predicts they will likely eventually switch all their products over based on user feedback.  They can do things like this because they have been around for 20 years so people can trust any changes they make.


15ML vial options and how to use them

The guys spend this segment talking about the current 15ML options that Euro Pharmacies (EP) has to offer and explain how to use them.

EP Boldenone, equipoise 200mgs/ml- Steve says this is one of his favorite steroids because of its flexibility.  It is great for bulking, cutting, recomping, or just for general athleticism.  A typical dose can be from 200mgs a week up to 800mgs per week with 400mgs a week the average dose.  Steve says if you want to do a lean muscle stack then do 400mgs EQ, 150mgs Testosterone, and throw in some EP tbol or anavar at 40mgs a day.

EP Drostanolone Enanthate 150mgs/ml and Propionate 75mgs/ml- Mobster says this is what most people know as Masteron and it is an important steroid to use for competitors.  It is a great hardener and is the #1 steroid for that purpose.  He recommends you be 12% body fat or less to get the most benefits of using it.  Another reason for using it would be for the benefits of it being a DHT derivative, and doing a great job of binding to SHBG, which would make your entire cycle work better.  He recommends stacking it with the Equipoise and doing 800mgs total of both.   Steve says that the ultimate recomper would be using it with Trenbolone which the guys will discuss later.

EP Nandrolone decanoate 200mgs/ml and phenylpropionate 75mgs/ml- Mobster loves using the next 2 together which is the Deca and Sustanon.  He says he bulked up and got as strong as ever on this stack.  Steve strongly recommends using EP Proviron this gives the cycle a balance in hormones.  He also says it's a great bulker because it increases appetite better than any steroid out there.

EP Sustanon 250mgs/ml, EP Test Cypionate and Test Enanthate 200mgs/ml, and EP Test Propionate 75mgs/ml-  These are all excellent Testosterone options and they are in order in terms of esters.  Steve says a lot of people like to use testosterone for TRT or as a base on their steroid cycles.  The dosage range is between 100-1000mgs a week depending on your goals and you should consider using EP anti-estrogen drugs to help control estrogen if you run a higher dose.

EP Trenbolone acetate 75mgs/ml and Enanthate 150mgs/ml- Steve says Tren is one of the strongest steroids out there and for good reason. You will be able to achieve some amazing things on this steroid when it comes to how you look with your physique.  It also will help you hit personal records with body weight and strength.


Why Euro Pharmacies

Mobster views Euro Pharmacies as the supermarket of steroid brands. They have it all on their website including steroids, sarms, pct products, on-cycle drugs, dick drugs, etc. He likes the fact they are innovative and how they ask their customers how they can get better.

Mobster says their history is impressive, and they have been around for 20+ years with lab tests on their products in-house, and also anonymously tested by random people.

Where to buy?

Euro Pharmacies can be purchased from Puritysourcelabs.ru.

Puritysourcelabs.ru is an approved source that has been around for 15 years providing customers with outstanding oral steroids, injectable steroids, ancillaries, PCT products, and more.  When you purchase from them you know you are getting authentic Euro Pharmacies brand and not fakes.

Puritysourcelabs.ru provides lightning-quick domestic shipping to American customers, with no need to worry about customs and no need to stress about how long it takes.  They ship typically within a few days and you get your package lightning fast.  They also offer international shipping as well to many other countries.

They have reps on the forums to further assist with setting up cycles and answer questions you may have.  If there is ever an issue they are on call to help with your order and make sure you are taken care of.


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