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Why You Should Use N2guard with Dianabol

We all know how important it is to have all of your ancillaries and support supplements on hand before you run your steroid cycle.  But did you know that every oral cycle needs N2Guard?  In this article, I’m going to explain why you should always stack N2guard with Dianabol.

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol (trade name), a.k.a. methandienone or methandrostenolone, is known as simply 'Dbol' in the steroid community. It is the most-used and most-popular oral anabolic steroid of all time. Rumored to be Arnold Schwarzenegger's oral of choice, especially during the offseason to help him gain mass and get amazing pumps, it has been widely used from the golden age until the present by bodybuilders of all levels.

Dianabol was originally developed with the help of Dr. John Ziegler to help American Olympic athletes keep up with their Soviet rivals. The advantage of using it instead of testosterone was you didn’t have to worry about injecting, which was considered taboo in those days. Instead, you could simply pop the oral and get similar results for a cheap price.

One of the nice things about Dianabol is that it can be used solo or as part of a steroid stack, because it’s so fast-acting and versatile. Many current bodybuilders like to use it to kickstart their cycle, meaning they take it the first few weeks along with an injectable, which carries a longer ester.

When using Dianabol, lifters report insane pumps when working out, increased muscle gain, an explosive strength boost, and faster recovery from their brutal workouts.

However, Dianabol does come with some negatives. Water retention is a threat if not used correctly. This drug is also liver toxic, which is why it’s crucial and mandatory to run support supplements with it.


In the old days, guys would need to go to the vitamin store and spend a fortune buying all their support supplements separately when using Dianabol. This was why N2bm decided to produce their own all-in-1 supplement called N2guard.

N2guard was created 15 years ago and has since become a staple for those using steroids. It works by combining over 40 ingredients into an all-in-1 formula with easy to swallow capsules. People started noticing that they felt much better when using N2guard on cycle, so it began rapidly gaining popularity and is now the #1 selling support supplement available. The creators of the product have always kept the ingredients strong and have since made the formula even better.

N2guard does a lot of things that you need on cycle, including:

*Boosts immune health
*Increases kidney function
*Detoxes the liver
*Helps with heart health
*Has a huge vitamin and mineral profile
*Helps keep energy strong
*Repairs cells
*Balances all your hormones
*Helps digestion and gut health


N2guard comes in a bottle containing 30 servings of capsules, enough to last you a full month when you use the recommended dosage of 7 capsules per day.
Aside from all your essential vitamins and minerals, N2guard also contains a total of 40+ ingredients. Some of my favorite additions that work great with Dianabol are:

Taurine: Taurine will help alleviate extreme pumps on Dianabol. Although pumps are something we want, they can hurt our workouts when they get too intense.

Coenzyme Q10, Hawthorne Berry, Policosanol, Apple Pectin, Red Yeast Rice: These are all great for heart health. It’s no secret that using Dianabol will strain heart health and cholesterol, so these are important.

Dandelion Root Extract, Parsley Leaf: N2guard contains several ingredients that work great as natural gentle diuretics that flush out excess water. This is very important on Dianabol, because it does create plenty of water retention.

Picroliv, TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid), Milk Thistle Extract: N2guard contains several ingredients to help with liver detox. It is no secret that Dianabol is liver toxic, so taking these supplements can be very important to prevent liver issues.

N2guard also contains dozens of additional ingredients that help balance hormones, detox all your organs, boost digestion, and much more.

How to stack N2guard and Dianabol

When using Dbol solo, this is a simple cycle you can run:

4-6 week cycle
N2guard 7 caps per day
Dianabol 20-30mgs per day

When using Dianabol as a kickstarter for a cycle:

10-12 week cycle
N2guard 7 caps per day
Dianabol 20-50mgs per day for first 4-5 weeks
Primobolan Enanthate 500mgs per week

You also want to make sure that you run a good post-cycle therapy after your cycle. You should continue using N2guard, but you can drop the dosage down to 3-4 capsules per day if your budget is tight.

You want to take your oral steroids on an empty stomach in between meals for better absorption of the hormone, while you want to take N2guard with meals for better absorption of the herbs, vitamins and minerals.   You should spread your oral steroid dosage evenly throughout the day to keep steady levels, while N2guard can be taken all at once with one of your meals and plenty of water.

Try you best not to ingest the N2guard and the Dianabol at the same time, or the N2guard may cause your liver to deactivate the steroids right away at first pass.  To prevent this then you want to have a minimum one-hour gap in between taking the Dianabol or the N2guard.  The easiest way to do it is to take all 7 capsules of N2guard with one of your meals like breakfast and to just spread out your Dianabol dosage throughout the day.  Dianabol has a very short half-life so taking some at least every 4 hours will help you keep even levels of the drug.

Where do I buy both items?

Evolutionary.org and Elitefitness.com are both great underground sites for learning more about Dianabol and N2guard. You can find a source on both forums that will cater to your steroid needs. N2guard is completely legal and can be purchased at N2bm.com and Amazon.com.  Dianabol you may need to get it from your Gym dealer or find a reliable source online.

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