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Winstrol 2024 with Para Pharma


Welcome to another great Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 Episode #62.  In this podcast, Steve and Mobster discuss Winstrol 2024 with Para Pharma.  They first get into the interesting progression of Winstrol and how it was originally used in medicine. They talk about the bodybuilding history and how it has become a staple in competition cycles.

They also discuss how you can use Winstrol whether you are a normal Joe just trying to look better for the beach, if you are a budding bodybuilder preparing for your first show, or if you are a seasoned bodybuilder who wants to turn pro.  They finish the show with final tips and discuss why you should choose the Para Pharma brand.

Winstrol history and background

Steve explains that Winstrol was developed in the early 1960s by Winthrop Labs, and was approved by the FDA for human use, but no longer marketed in the USA for medicinal purposes.  It is now discontinued except in a few countries and has been used in veterinary medicine, given by mouth or injections.

The interesting thing to understand about Winstrol is that it is sold in a milk-like aqueous suspension or tablet form.  This allows you to take it orally because it isn't esterified, and it also is 17AA, which allows it to survive the first pass of liver metabolization when you take it.    This is why you hear guys saying online to 'just drink it' and don't even waste your time injecting it.

The guys then explain that Winstrol is a pure DHT derivative so it cannot aromatize into estrogen at all.  On top of that, it also does a great job of lowering estrogen in the body and drying you out. This makes it ideal for those who are looking for a hard and dry physique and more vascularity.  Mobster says that it can backfire on those like him who like to push and pull heavy weights because it puts too much pressure on the joints making them crack and dry out.  It is mostly used by guys who like to do low to medium weights and higher repetitions for that reason.

Finally, Winstrol also works great at binding to SHBG, which makes the other steroids in your stack run better.  Steve and Mobster explain that is why you see Winstrol popularly used alongside 1 or 2 other steroids to give that synergy.

Bodybuilding and doping in sports

Bodybuilders love using Winstrol and you will see it included in their stacks.  Mobster says he knows professional bodybuilders who compete in several contests a year and have seen what they are running.  It almost always includes Winstrol unless the person is extremely sensitive to the side effects.

Competitors in non-bodybuilding sports have been busted using Winstrol too.  In their case, they are trying to take advantage of its performance benefits, BUT they also want to cheat by doubling down and using its diuretic benefits of drying out.  This will help a MMA fighter or boxer make weight even while in a catabolic state, while also keeping their strength and muscle.


How to dose and stack

Steve explains that Para Pharma has 2 orals types of Winstrol, which are a 10mg per pill option and a 50 mg per pill option, and they also have an injectable/drinkable version. This provides flexibility for those who want to change the dose during the cycle for whatever reason.

For a normal Joe who is using Winstrol solo, you can easily get great results off 50mgs a day for 4-8 weeks.

If you want to stack it, then some of the more popular things to stack it with are Para Pharma Equipoise, Para Pharma Primobolan, or Para Pharma Testosterone.  Dosing of any of those injectables can range from 100mgs a week up to 500mgs a week depending on your goals and experience.  Stacking an oral with it is possible, but the guys warn it would be putting a lot of pressure on your liver for less results.

At the professional level, the most popular way to use Winstrol is with Para Pharma Trenbolone. Users will use anywhere from 300-800mgs of Trenbolone and up to 150mgs a day of Winstrol.  These doses should ONLY be reserved for true professionals who are okay with sacrificing their health for a trophy.   A popular way to use Winstrol is ramping up the dosage going into the show so that it is drying the person out.  Some competitors will wait till 4 weeks out of the competition to start using it for this reason. Another great option is they will like to add Para Pharma Masteron with it.

Winstrol can also be used by females but watch out for side effects.  A dose of 2.5-10mgs a day is the usual dose.

Side effects to look for

It is not advised to use Winstrol for longer than 8 weeks due to the liver strain and you should always use a liver support supplement.

The guys explain the other side effects.

Joint pain:  Mobster makes his living from powerlifting so Winstrol doesn't make a lot of sense for him because of the joint issues associated with it.  This is due to its strong drying properties which will dry out your joints.  A good idea is to use a joint support supplement with it.

Pumps:  The guys say that pumps aren’t a bad thing, but when it gets into your way they can be. Use taurine with it.

Suppression:  Steve explains Winstrol is like any other steroid out there, it is suppressive so a PCT is a must.

Hair loss:  Winstrol is awful for the hair and Steve says he is not even prone to hair loss but even he lost tons of hair when he used it.

Androgenic side effects:  Don't be fooled by what you might read online, Winstrol does cause androgenic side effects like elevated blood pressure, prostate strain, and aggression.

Overall, Steve says that people are under the wrong impression that just because Winstrol doesn't aromatize and is a DHT steroid it won't cause side effects.  This is due to ignorance and old-school thinking.

Why Para Pharma Winstrol?

Para Pharma Winstrol has been independently tested and we know it is the real deal. It also has certificates of analysis. The same goes for all their products.

Mobster has been using Para Pharma for over 2 years and has been extremely impressed with their customer service, products, and quality.  Para Pharma has been around for over 12 years and has built a strong customer base.  They have quickly become one of the most trusted steroid brands in the world.


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