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Winstrol (Stanozolol)

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winstrol 20 biomexWinstrol is an interesting and intriguing drug. I also have a bit of a personal connection with its history and the way it’s implemented within cycles. Allow me to explain…

The first person to write about steroids for bodybuilding purposes was Dan Duchaine. In a self published book (a pamphlet, really) in 1989 called The Underground Steroid Handbook he set the standard by which all steroid information would be regarded. It was groundbreaking in its approach to the use of anabolics and their function for muscle growth. The book also gave an outline and description of each drug and what to expect from their usage.

Dan’s revelations were incredibly revelatory. Realize, there was NOTHING beyond what the medical journals said about the use and function of these drugs. And an interesting side note – Dan confided in me years later that “Just because we knew the AMA was wrong about some things didn’t mean they were wrong about everything.” In other words, he felt he downplayed the dangers a bit too much.

Nevertheless, the USH opened up a new world and without it, the knowledge of steroids would not be what it is today.

A few years later, the internet opened up but information was still limited. I started writing for a dot-com company called Testosterone – headed by the assistant editor of a magazine called Muscle Media 2000 – the first bodybuilding mag to speak openly about drugs. When MM2000 went mainstream Testosterone picked up the ball and created some of the first steroid information on the net. One of the first pieces I wrote was a reworking of a report I did back in 1992. It was called STEROIDS FOR HEALTH. And one of the observations I made contradicted some of Dan’s analysis. Dan considered Winstrol a “weak drug.” He even went as far as saying that it was only good for women. Maybe that’s why the tabs were pink! Gym rats and gear heads the world over concurred. Winstrol? That’s for girls. Now…Anadrol! THAT is one powerful drug.

In my article I had the audacity to claim the exact opposite. I felt the mistake everyone was making was judging the pills by their tablet strength. Winstrol came in a 2mgs tab. It was prescribed mostly in cases of anemia. (Which is all but non existent in the USA). Meanwhile Anadrol is 50 mgs. Why? Well, I concluded that it was because its receptor acceptance was on the weak side. So I made the hypothesis that an EQUAL amount of Winstrol would be at least as effective as Anadrol , if not more. It’s hard to believe, but NO ONE at this time thought of doing this nor would they consider it. It was complete speculation. That’s how new it was and how obscure these drugs were. And remember…. no UG LABS! Steroids were still legal so everything was from the pharmacy and you got the dosages that the pharma companies made. Using 50 mgs of Winstrol (25 pills) was just not reasonable.

stanozolo prochemlaboratoriesWell, that article created a tremendous uproar. Some message board gurus chastised me for being woefully off base. But Dan himself confronted me and said; “You’re right – it’s so simple but we just didn’t consider the milligram strength. We were all going by the amount of pills. “ I’m proud to say, that piece went on to be a blueprint for conservative steroid use in the 21st century.

Today, it’s well known – Winstrol (also known as “winny”) is a VERY potent drug when dosed respectively. It’s a derivative of DHT so aromatization is low and the end result is a very hard , defined look with increased vascularity. Winstrol is a favorite of many bodybuilders in a cutting phase since there’s no water bloat or extreme weight gain. Gains tend to be solid and long lasting.

Winstrol is very similar to Proviron (also DHT based ) but with far more anabolic properties making it a much better muscle builder. Some people claim that WInsrol “dries the joints” but the evidence is strictly anecdotal. It could be that Winstrol acts as a mild anti estrogen since it block SHBG (as does Proviron) plus it’s an anti progesterone so if one were to be taking an anti estrogen along with it , there could be some joint issues from a too-low estrogen count. It seems somewhat contradictory that Winstrol should cause joint pain though since part of its medical use is to treat osteoporosis and to help form collagen repair. And since it’s an anti progesterone it works well to combat the libido crushing side effect imparted by Deca Durabolin. If you’re going to do Deca, you should definitely add some Winstrol.

Also being DHT based, WInstrol is hard on the hairline, but how much so varies from one individual to another.

Winstrol , like most orals, works very quickly, It’s also 17AA so liver stress cannot be discounted. ALWAYS use some liver protection when implementing Winstrol and keep usage to no longer than 4 weeks.

One especially interesting sidenote about Winstrol is that it’s the only steroid that has been approved for both human and veterinarian use. Both the human and vet versions are the same compound, though the vet version comes in a liquid. This leads some people to believe that if they inject it, it won’t cause any harm to the liver, but the liquid version is still 17AA so it still causes stress to the liver. And yes, you can actually drink the liquid version. It’s the same as the tablet, though liquids in general tend to be less stable. Tablets can be used far after the expiration date but the liquids will lose potency and actually become more liver toxic. That’s not so much of an issue with vet steroids. What’s a cow going to say? Moo?

Of course, Winstrol is suppressive and a proper PCT is necessary in order to recover. Since Winstrol doesn’t aromatize, Nolvadex is not the optimum choice. You’re better off going HCG , liver cleanses and natural Testosterone boosters with Avenacosides A&B.

A single dosing of Winstrol is effective for 8 hours so 2-3 doses a day are in order. “Real” Winstrol, when it was produced by Stromba, would produce outstanding results at 25 mgs a day but it’s uncertain if UG labs does accurately so the standard thinking is that 50 mgs is closer to where you’ll have good results. Women like the drug for its clean gains and most should do well on 10 mgs a day, but being so androgenic it can have a masculizing effect. Anavar and Primobolan are better choices for women.

The metabolites in Winstrol are active for a up to 8 weeks so even though it may not be active in your system it will show up on a drug test long afterward. This is something many athletes have discovered the hard way – the most famous is track star Ben Johnson , who was stripped of his Olympic medal after testing positive for Winstrol.

If you’re looking for a jump start to a cycle while maintaining lean gains, or as a mild oral cycle or if you’re looking to add some “dry” gains to any cycle, then Winstrol may be to your liking. It works fast and it works well. And it’s no longer the weak little sister steroid that people once thought. Since most UG Winny come in tablets of 20 mgs or more, it packs a potent muscle building punch.

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nelson montana
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Nelson Montana is a classical bodybuilder and an industry expert. He was one of the first in the 1990s to write about bodybuilding. He's written for large magazines, like T-Nation and has been on multiple editorial boards. Nelson is a certified personal trainer, he has over 40 years of experience, and he's a senior bodybuilding champion, natural! He's over 60 and he looks amazing.

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