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Zero Tolerance On Doping Urged By Andy Murray

andy murrayAndrew Barron "Andy" Murray, ranked World No. 4 and British No. 1, has added his voice to the growing debate about the anti-doping rules of tennis. The Wimbledon champion called Viktor Troicki and Marin Cilic "unprofessional" and said whether either player was intentionally cheating or not - we don`t know that, and he doesn`t think either of them are like that - but both of them, he thinks, were unprofessional.

Andy Murray said one of them refused to give a drugs test: we don`t know exactly what was said in the room between the doping control officer and Viktor, but the reality is that there are rules and you need to stick to what the rules are. The Scottish tennis star added he is happy that the drug testing is going in the right direction and they’re starting to increase it. He also said they`re doing more blood testing and we’ve got the biological passports in place. Murray went on to add that there almost has to be zero tolerance on that stuff because, if not, people are just going to think they can get away with anything. Of the Cilic case, Murray said he personally would never go and buy something over the counter in a pharmacy as it`s just unprofessional.

Murray's views were echoed by 17-times grand slam champion Roger Federer who said Troicki had only himself to blame and said he do believe that when you are requested for a sample, you have to give the sample.

Marin Cilic returned at the Paris Masters after his nine-month suspension for taking a banned stimulant was reduced to four by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) recently reduced the 18-month ban on Serbian professional tennis player Viktor Troicki to 12 months. It was acknowledged by the CAS panel that the tournament anti-doping officer should have informed the player in clearer terms of the risks caused by his refusal to undergo a blood test. It was added by the court that there was no suggestion that Troicki intended to evade the detection of a banned substance in his system.

This was after the International Tennis Federation (ITF) imposed the 18-month ban on him for avoiding a blood doping test after losing at the Monte Carlo Masters in April. Troicki blamed the doping control officer of the tournament who he claimed advised him to write to the ITF explaining that he was ill and could not give a blood sample. In a statement, the Serbian said the ruling puts an end to his dreams of being a top player. He added that he worked his entire life for it, and it has been taken away from him in one afternoon by a doctor.

The CAS verdict was described by the home federation of Viktor Troicki as humiliating and disappointing. In a statement, the federation said Serbia's Tennis Association is deeply disappointed with such a decision and Viktor Troicki has been inflicted a major injustice.

Francesco Ricci Bitti, the ITF President, remarked rules had to be applied strictly to keep our sport clean and said what is harder to accept is criticism of doping control officers who perform a difficult role.

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