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aussie new source talk

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    Aussie Domestic - Prime Oz Pharma - Nexus Labs

    Hey guys! Just thought we would stop by and say hello! We're a relatively new source that has been running for over 6 months now. We have had some great feedback, you can view our reviews on Trustpilot "Prime Oz Pharma" - all reviews are Verified and legit. We have a great range of products...
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    Bpi BCAA fake?

    I bought this from a local shop. It doesn't match with the products shown on the Bpi website. I have attached the pictures. Is it fake? Is it safe for my heart and kidneys?
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    From Sydney new to Evo.

    Hey guys, I've joined Evo in hopes of finding a new domestic source for gear (last one was ausjuice). I realise you get what you pay for but Gear-oz is too expensive for me. I also don't have a wickr account so if someone could PM me in the right direction that would be awesome.. Any help is...
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