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    Hello everyone, This is an updated thread with an updated list and prices. SPL one of the best in the game. Hopefully all reviews can be left in this thread. For those we will be sending a sample to, please leave honest reviews in this thread as well. For any inquiries or info please contact...
  2. Hazardsz

    Notorious Labs

    I ordered from B.I.G at Notorious Labs, Good person to deal with, product came within the time period that was said, I haven’t tested the product yet, but so far everything looks good, B.I.G is friendly and easy to talk to, definitely a good person to score through
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    Black Friday Sale | up to 30% OFF STOREWIDE |

    Hello Evo Crew, Auspharmacy are running our famous Black Friday sale - our biggest sale of the year! With up to 30% off Storewide! Every product is discounted! Get in fast before stock sells out! Limited time only! Shop up to 30% OFF NOW ‌ Example of some deals: Sci-Pharma TEST E - $68...
  4. P

    Aussie Domestic - Prime Oz Pharma - Nexus Labs

    Hey guys! Just thought we would stop by and say hello! We're a relatively new source that has been running for over 6 months now. We have had some great feedback, you can view our reviews on Trustpilot "Prime Oz Pharma" - all reviews are Verified and legit. We have a great range of products...
  5. A

    Precision Pharmaceuticals

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum, anyways I have used labs such as meditech, lambo, ugloz, balkan pharma and so on, but hands down in Australia the best lab I have used is precision pharmaceuticals. PM for details
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