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    Cycle Thoughts? - Test / Superdrol / Deca / HGH cycle

    Hey guys, Long time lurker of the forums. I'm interested in starting a Test / Superdrol / Deca / HGH cycle and would love people's opinions / advice. I saw TwistingMelon ran the cycle back in 2015 but haven't seen too much information regarding that exact cycle since (or I'm not looking in...
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    New Here - I need Cycle Help Please

    I am a 40 yo male, 5’10 and 192. Used gear back in my early 20s so I am not a complete stranger but it’s obviously been a while. Currently on TRT and been for about 7 years. Looking at running a test 200 /deca 300/var 25 cycle but not sure the best way to dose and stack. Any help or thoughts...
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    I need help! Have to cut 40lbs in 12 weeks! For boxing fight! Sarms? Tren? Test?

    Stats: 31yrs old 5’8” 239lbs about 20-22% bf and i’ve been on TRT for 5 years I’ve been working out for about 8 years but this last year i was off from the gym (family things & injuries) gained about 65lbs. I’ve been back in the gym for 2.5 months now started at 265lb now at 239lbs. I have a...
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    Need advice

    Hi a while ago I got hold of some clen anavar and dbols they have just been sat there for a couple of months and I would like to use them but not 100pct sure how I should to get maximum results. What would be the best cycle for me to do and what pct would I need to take I have got n2guard but...
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