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  • Hey Brother,(voodoojuice)how you traveling lately bro,hope all's well n life's looking up.all the best brother
    Hey Brother,how are you bro,bit delayed response to you but I'm traveling well,the dhb was a good compound,have you used it in a cycle,how many cycles per year are you running,what compounds, Ozpharm is out of dhb stock waiting for his own line dhb, says he's gonna have his own orals soon too,who you using lately bro,all the best
    Hey bro,you would know me from hogs as voodoojuice,some reason could use that name on this forum,anyways bro how are you,miss hogs hey,was a good place to have a laugh etc,anyways bro food to see familiar names here after so long,all the best,cheers
    Hey bro,long time since hogs,you know me as voodoojuice back then,some reason couldn't use my voodoojuice on here
    Hey mate, is AGPfrom oz shop any good? Just trying to find a reputable source as mine was done a few months ago
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