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  • Hy, I'm writing to you to because I would like to ask your advice about my cycle.I'm training for years, my life is mostly about this, training pretty hard...!My cycle would be almost the same as yours, which helped me a lot to piece together mine.

    Deca 400mg/week for 14 weeks
    Eq:800mg/week for 16 weeks
    Susta:400mg/week for 18 weeks

    AI:proviron 50mg
    HCG 1000IU/week before PCT
    PCT: Nolva/clomid

    My question would be that, do you have any advice about these?And my other question would be that I couldn't find in your writings that how many calories would you suggest to consume/day during this cycle.My aim would be to gain weight(bulk cycle of course) but as you mentioned in your writings you jumped 6-7% bf from 20%, which is pretty amazing, so I guess it's possible to lose bf while gaining muscle by this massive cycle.

    Thanks for your earliest reply!
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