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  • I am planning my cutting cycle for sometime. I want to start in December.

    Now, my first question is, LITERALLY THE MAIN QUESTION!, is tren available here? I mean if this guy is available here I dont really need much more. Test+Tren+ Clen will be pretty nice cutting cycle. Maybe add Winny.

    Can you tell me what is available on your side? I am extremely interested in what compounds are available and of course their price. I am not rich so I want to be really careful and not be ripped off or buy something fake. Plus, if I take any orals, I have to get Lipids profile test maybe even LFT. Nearly 4k.

    Don't worry. I am not new. Not killing myself for anything. My last cycle was 2 months trt blast and 1 month cruise. PCT. Now waiting for December for another cycle. Recently finished Clen 2 week cycle.

    Extremely excited to find someone (Pakistani steroids user on internet) who can tell their experience. Really happy. Please PM.

    I see that you are from Pakistan. I am from Lahore.

    Can you start guiding me as to what is available locally here? I have been looking everywhere on internet at the moment. Will try my pharmacy if nothing works out. Gym is pretty much filled with natural guys. The worker their hardly even lifts.
    Need some help regarding HGH availability and a 1st time test E cycle with PCT
    Would appreciate your help plz
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